Character Sheets and Reference

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Post by mushgnome » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:04 am

Character Sheets and Reference

Bonus Languages:

Dame Simonetta: Greek, Latin, Innsmouth Mouth, Runic Dwarf (elementary written)
Dougal: Innsmouth Mouth
Willie: Innsmouth Mouth
[f=59]Stern (Strong Hero, MV 9′′, AC 3, HD 4, hp 20, FC 4 men/hero, SV F4, L)[/f]

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Post by waysoftheearth » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:14 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Tet Baulrawer

Lawfully inclined Fightin'-Hobbet. Enormously fat and heavy.

niggly back from once over-exerting himself loading turnips.

S:13 I:9 W:4 Co:13 D:10 Ch:13

XP = 947xp
Gold = 11 gp (starting finds) + 89 gp = 100 gp.


Mail, shield, helm,
Spear, dagger, sling,
Hooded cloak,
Smoking pipe, pouch of pipeweed,
Pouch of markbles,
Red and blue kerchief,
Tinderbox, 6 5 torches,
7 6 days of food:
6/7th portion remaining of: a dozen seed cakes, four pork pies, two egg and bacon sandwiches, wheel of goats cheese, two loaves of rye bread, half a leg of salted ham, jar of pickles, jar of hard boiled eggs, slab of butter, cold roast chicken, three dried fried kippers, bunch of grapes, six apples, four tomatoes, two pears, a half-dozen scones, strawberry jam, pot of cream.
Trail pan, pot, plate, cutlery.
Missus Pebble's Turnip Schnapps (equivalent to a potion of cure light wounds).
[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]

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Post by acodispo » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:14 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Wilibald "Willie" Whitfoot
Lawful Fighter/Thief

Though he'd much rather be bounding about the countryside or indulging in one of his favourite pursuits (spelunking!), young Willie is determined to make something of himself, so he's taken on the title of Burglar-at-Large & is (discreetly) seeking out adventure. He's uncommonly healthy, strong, & motivated!

Level: Fighter 2; Thief 3 (see XP totals above)

S: 15 I: 13 W: 12 Co: 16 D: 15 Ch: 10
Languages: Common, Innsmouth Mouth, +2 more
Scars: missing 6 teeth

See above for general inventory & coin, see below for special items & notes.
  • the helmet is a battered old family spangenhelm
  • the hammer is Chegs' war-hammer
  • his lantern he's named Lantern III
  • the wineskin contains Chegs' cider
What has he got in his pocketses? His wealth is all stored on his person, in the form of gems, rings, and a gilded monocle on a silver chain (no glass).

2020.05.09: Added First Adventure gains
Purchased a new lantern (10gp) from Frederick
2020.06.09: Bought 4 flasks of oil & 6 torches from the supply chest (8gp + 1gp = 9gp)
2020.07.27: Record 2nd adventure gains, purchase lantern.
2021.04.17: Only track special inventory (see spreadsheet above for full inventory list).
2021.05.11: Purchases.
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[f=47]Wilibald "Willie" Whitfoot, F1/T1 (M 12", AC 6, HD 1+2, hp 9/9, L) gambeson+helm, shield+warhammer[/f]
[f=59]Witherun [Agile Hero, MV 12′′, AC 6, HD 4, hp 16, FC 4 men/hero, SV F4, L] hide+helm, shield+dagger or bow[/f]

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Post by ehiker133 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:55 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Name: Dougal Blackfoot
Nickname: Dougal the Black, Black Dougal
Class: Thief Level: 4
Experience: 6250
Hit Points: 10
Alignment: Neutral

S:11 I:11 W:11 Co:10 D:10 Ch:12
Gold: 3354gp
Treasure: Spider Ring (right hand); Skull Ring (left hand)
Dwarven Rosetta Scrolls

Class Notes:
  • Backstab +4 To Hit for Double Damage
  • Thief Skills successful 3-6 on a D6.
Thief Skills:
  • Opening locks and foiling of magical closures,
  • Disarming small trapped devices such as spring-loaded poisoned needles,
  • Climbing almost sheer surfaces up or down at half normal movement rate,
  • Identifying noises behind closed doors,
  • Stealing or concealing items by sleight-of-hand,
  • Moving stealthily to pass or surprise enemies,
  • Hiding in nothing more than shadows,
  • Finding hidden or secret doors and passages.
  • Leather Armour
    Short Sword, Parrying Dagger, Sling
    - Sacks, Large (5)
    - Bedroll
    - Rations, 2 weeks
    - Wineskin (wine)
    - Oil, Lamp (6 5 4 7 9)
    - Oil, Lamp, expired (1)
    - Torches (5)
    - Smoking Pipe
    - Pipeweed, pouch
    - Tinderbox/Flint/Striker
    - Potion with cartoonish label of a dog
    - Potion with cartoonish label of a cat
    - Potion with cartoonish label of a rat
    Thievin' Shoulderbag
    - Crowbar
    - Lockpicks/Thieves' Tools (priced at 30)
    - Chalk
    - String, 150'
    - Mirror, Steel
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[f=47]Dougal Blackfoot (MV 9", AC 6, Lvl 4, HP 10/10) [/f]
[f=59]Goldwen (Sagacious* Abbess, MV 9′′, AC 6, HD 2+1, HP 9, FC 2 men, SV C3, L][/f]

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Post by Ebon Hearted Soul » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:41 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Warrec "Chegs" Chegwidden

Lawful Fighting-Hobbet

S:14 I:10 W:9 Co:9 D:10 Ch:8 Gold:2 Copper: 45

Backpack (2x Lg. Sacks, torches, rope 50', rations, 3x oil flasks, wineskin w/ cider, tinderbox, wetstone & 5x chalk)
waterskin w/ water
wooden cross
3x daggers
Hooded Cloak
leather armor & shield.

Warrec is a proud defender of his folk, though he isn't war-hungry he was forced to take up his hammer to serve his folk. He loves to brew cider when he has time, using a recipe passed down through his family for generations. He often has an apple or pear that heal snack on with some cheese. He often has a wry smile on his face that is rarely mirrored in his eyes.
Veshengo "Vesh the scarred" Polgár Magic-User 1
S: 7 I: 17 W: 9 Cn: 13 D: 13 Ch: 4 Gold: 28 Silver: 16 Copper: 10 HP: 5

Warrec "Chegs" Chegwidden Fighting-Hobbet 1
S:14 I:10 W:9 Co:9 D:10 Ch:8 Gold:2 Copper: 45 HP:5

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Post by rredmond » Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:26 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Name: Noh’won the Wiser
Nickname: Noh
Class: Druid
Level: 1 (0/2400)
Alignment: Neutral

S:11 I:09 W:13 Co:15 D:09 Ch:15

Class Notes:
  • MU Attacks/Saves
  • Animal Friendship (known)
  • Detect Magic
  • Detect Snares & Pits
  • Entangle
  • Faerie Fire
  • Invisibility to Animals
  • Locate Animals
  • Pass Without Trace
  • Predict Weather
  • Purify Water
  • Shillelagh
  • Speak With Animals
Gold: Start:110 (10, 1, 1, 3, 2, 15, 1, 12, 1, 10, 24 = 80) Current: 575.91
  • Leather Armour
    Wooden Shield
    Cudgel, Sling
    Javelins (2)
    - Bedroll
    - Rations, 1 week
    - Wineskin (water)
    - Oil (6)
    - Tinderbox/Flint/Striker
    - Flask of Holy Water x 4
    Sprig of Mistletoe around his neck
    two large sacks
    two small sacks
    Silver mirror
    SCROLL - Raise Dead!
    Detection Scrolls: Magic & Snares & Pits
For Carc
If you've ever trained an animal, then you know it starts with basic 'building block' commands. Come, sit, stay, heel, speak, and so forth. Those basic commands are 'freebies' and do not count as 'tricks' for purposes of the spell. Chain together enough of these short commands and you can build up a more complex 'trick.' Carc's training will be ongoing and can start immediately. A random thought is that Animal Friendship has an amazing synergy with Speak with Animals (cast on a subsequent day, for a 1st-level druid).
The first training challenge to consider: Will Noh attempt to coax Carc into the pancake shop (and if so, how) or let his bird roost under the open night sky?

Faerie Fire specialized in: Entangle
Scrolls: Raise Dead; Detection: Magic & Snares/Pits
Carc's squawks: 2=danger; 3=grave danger (is there any other kind); 4=RUN!
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[f=47]Noh’won the Wiser[/f]
Kiplyn: closer to pancakes and rest!
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Wraislin: arcane fire spewing from his fingertips and reaping barbeque death!

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Post by kipper » Sun May 10, 2020 12:03 am

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Dame Simonetta Clytie LaJolle

Female Halfling Hobbit Hobbet Fighter, Lawful
Level: 3 (5180 XP)
HP: 10/10

S: 13 +5%XP
I: 17 +7 languages (Innsmouth Mouth, Greek, Latin, Runic Dwarf (Written only) + 3 more)
W: 10
Co: 7 40% withstand adversity
D: 13 +1 to hit adj. with missiles
Ch: 7 max 3 retainers, -1 loyalty, -1 reaction
Mythos: 2

Sling (1gp)
Sword (15gp)
Main-Gauche (10gp)
2x Daggers, Silver

Plate (50gp)
Mithril Gauntlets

Backpack (3gp)
Extra set of clothes, high quality (10gp)
Signet ring (LaJolle family) (1gp)
Food, 1 week (7gp)
Sack, large (2) (4gp)
Lantern (10gp)
Lantern Oil, 6 (12gp) 4
Tinderbox (1gp)
Holy Water, 4 (96gp)

Gold: 2834.8 (234.8gp in coins, 2600gp in gems & jewellery) -> after 8th adventure: 3165.91 -72gp (silver mirrors) = 3093.91 after 9th adventure.

Other treasure:
Ancient Owl Medallion (holy symbol of Athena, 400gp)
Bronze Dwarf-Armour (90gp value as non-magical plate) Traded for Mithral Gauntlets
Greek Scroll of Warding Against Undead (10' radius, 1 hour duration, protects against 4-24 hit dice of undead)

Dame Simonette is from a very well-to-do family which has recently fallen on hard times due to don’t you DARE even hint at it!! She’s rather thin (for a Hobbet) and has red hair. Unfortunately she’s often vain, pretentious, and a know-it-all. Her hoity-toity education hasn't prepared her well for the real world.
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Post by mgtremaine » Sun May 10, 2020 12:15 pm

Kiplyn Sorefoot

Name: Kiplyn Sorefoot
Nickname: Kip
Class: Thief
Alignment: Lawful

S:13 I:14 W:11 Co:9 D:14 Ch:10
Gold: 34
Silver: 5

Class Notes:
  • Backstab +4 To Hit for Double Damage
  • Thief Skills successful 3-6 on a D6.
Thief Skills:
  • Opening locks and foiling of magical closures,
  • Disarming small trapped devices such as spring-loaded poisoned needles,
  • Climbing almost sheer surfaces up or down at half normal movement rate,
  • Identifying noises behind closed doors,
  • Stealing or concealing items by sleight-of-hand,
  • Moving stealthily to pass or surprise enemies,
  • Hiding in nothing more than shadows,
  • Finding hidden or secret doors and passages.
  • Leather Armour, Small Shield
    Dagger, Silver Dagger, Sling
    - Sacks, Small (1)
    - Bedroll
    - Rations, 1 week
    - Mirror, Steel
    - Timber Stakes (6)
    - Torches (6)
    - Flute
    - Smoking Pipe
    - Pipeweed, pouch
    - Tinderbox/Flint/Striker
Background: A distant branch of the Farwalker family, the Sorefeet clan has most of the guile, wit and dexterity of their more famous cousins but they have never been a very robust. Some would claim they are lazy and prone to complain when others will listen about how hard they have worked or how far they have travelled, yet rarely are these facts true. The Sorefeet are comfortable members of the hobbit community they just prefer for others to do the hard stuff.
[f=4]Wen the Pale, Elf Hero/Spellbinder (MV 12", AC 9, HD 4/2, hp 11/11, FC Hero, L) helm, bow[/f]
[f=47]Kiplyn Sorefoot, Hobbet Thief (Lv: 4 AC: 5 Hp 12) Leather+Shield+Dagger, Sling[/f]
[f=59]Tass Purrfoot (Agile Hobbet Varlet, MV 9′′, AC 7, HD 2, hp 8, FC 2 men, SV T7, N)[/f]

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Post by dtspurrier » Thu Aug 19, 2021 5:35 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Bilfor the strange

Hobbet druid (neutral)

animal, plant, and burrow lover. Never been to a town before, quite, can barely speak common or hobneese. Still his decisions are rash and calm.

S:15 I:6 W:14 Co:13 D:12 Ch:11

AC: 6
HP: 4
level: 2

spell prepared/memorize: Entangle, Faerie Fire
affects: 12 linear feet/level within a 4" radius
duration: 4 rounds/level
range: 8"
This spell affects up to 12'/level of objects or creatures (a pterodactyl with 12' wingspan, two 6' humans, four 3' hobbets, etc.) who do not get a saving throw against the effect. The targets are outlined in harmless glowing light in the caster's choice of color (traditional choices: blue, green, violet). This makes the targets easier to strike, and all attackers get a +2 bonus to their attacks. Invisible targets are made visible. Outlined creatures are visible up to 8" in the dark, or 4" if the viewer is near a bright light source.


Leather armor
snake headed staff
7 goodberries. He carefully dried them to preserve them, and keeps them in a pouch around his neck. Eating 1 goodberry instantly restores 1 lost hit point of injury.

Cloak, hooded
Rope, 50 ft
Torches, 12
Pipe, smoking
Rations, one week
Waterskin, 2
bunch of wolvesbane
bunch of belladona

ten 100 gp gems
one 250 gp gem
156 gp
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Post by Scottenkainen » Sun Oct 24, 2021 5:45 pm

Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Beppo Filbriggle, veteran/apprentice thief Align Lawful
STR 10 INT 7 WIS 8 CON 5 DEX 16 CHA 15
+5 lb weight allowance, 2 in 6 open doors, -1 to hp/HD, 20% survival chance, +1 to hit w/missile weapons, max of 5 hirelings, +1 loyalty
HP 6 AC 6 Move: 12” Enc: 63.5 gp
XP: 0 XP Bonus: +10%
Languages: Common
Thief Skills: OL, RT, PP, MS, HIS, HN - all basically succeed on a roll of 4-6
Treasure: 1 sp, 19 gp
Items: Leather armor, shield, silver dagger, dagger, sling, sack of 9 sling stones, 7 silver sling stones, sap, belt pouch – file, lockpicks, tinderbox, 3 candles; leather backpack – 20’ of rope, 2 days of standard rations, wineskin, small sack

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