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Player Character Reincarnations

Pre-Gen Player Characters

DL#1 features eight legendary AD&D characters of experiences levels 3–6. These have been adapted/back-ported to DD/0e sensibilities at experience levels 3–4 for the Wyrmspear experiment as follows...

Thanis [Hero, MV 12′′, AC 7, HD 4, hp 16, FC 4 men/hero, SVF4, N]. Hooded cloak, padded armor, sword, longbow +1 & quiver of arrows, dagger. Backpack, rations, water skin, tinderbox & 6 torches, 2 flasks of oil. Woodsman, bidower.

Garamon [Hero, MV 9′′, AC 4, HD 4, hp 16, FC 4 men/hero, SV F4, L]. Mail armor, helm, shield, spear +1, sword, dagger. Backpack, rations, water skin, tinderbox & 6 torches, 50ft of rope, 2 large sacks. Thick-necked spearman.

Stern [Hero, MV 9′′, AC 3 HD 4, hp 16, FC 4 men/hero, SV F4, L]. Plate armor, helm, two-handed sword +1, dagger. Backpack, rations, water skin, signet ring. Knight of the abandoned Order of Solaria.

Flin Ireforge [Dwarf Myrmidon, MV 6′′, AC 5, HD 3, hp 15, FC 3 men/hero −1, SV F7, N]. Mail armor, helm, throwing axe +1, returning, axe, dagger. Backpack, rations, water skin, tinderbox & 12 torches, pouch of charcoal, whetstone. Mount Horne regulator, in pursuit.

Wraislin [Conjurer, MV 12′′, AC 9, HD 2, hp 8, FC 2 men, SV M3, N]. Hooded robe, mage staff (light, feather fall), scroll of sleep spell. Charm person, hold portal, and invisibility spells. Backpack, rations, wine skin, lantern, flask of oil, ink & quill case, spell book. Empyrean Tower emissary, gathering intelligence.

Tass Purrfoot [Hobbet Warrior, MV 9′′, AC 7, HD 2+ 1, hp 9, FC 2 men, SV F6, N] or [Hobbet Varlet, MV 9′′, AC 7, HD 2, hp 8, FC 2 men, SV T7, N]. Padded armor, shield, staff, sling. Backpack, rations, water skin, tinderbox, lantern, flasks of oil, grapple & 50ft rope, pouch of marbles. Pickpocket and trouble magnet.

Goldwen [Abbess, MV 9′′, AC 6, HD 2 + 1, hp 9, FC 2 men, SV C3, L]. Hide armor, helm, wooden shield, mace, gnarled branch of healing, no spells. Backpack, rations, water skin, wooden Cross, flask of Holy water. Plainsmen priestess.

Witherun [Hero, MV 12′′, AC 6, HD 4, hp 16, FC 4 men/hero, SV F4, L]. Hide armor, helm, wooden shield, sword, hunting knife +1, +2 vs reptiles, horsebow & quiver of arrows. Backpack, rations, water skin, tinderbox & 6 torches, gamesnare, wolvesbane. Melancholy plainsmen tracker/hunter.

A plucky entourage it is, all heroes or names gossiped in the ale houses of the lands about.

The stat blocks are intentionally as brief as is practical. FC is for "Fighting Capability". The abbreviations are all explained in the DD5 Players Quick Starter. I can elaborate on these, as required.
You may notice that:
  • There are fighter and thief options for Tass Purrfoot; we can go with the player's preference.
  • I've assumed 4 hp per HD (and that Flin has +1 hp for each of his 3 HD). We can dice for hp if preferred, but low hp will hurt the players more than high hp will help them.

PC Refinement

Players can refine their individual PCs to their own taste, ideally keeping them somewhat similar to the iconic characters upon which they're based.

Players can think about adding and/or changing:
  • One key ability-score-related word (e.g., strong, canny, wise, agile, tough, charismatic). You'll no doubt have noticed that I didn't include ability scores in the stat blocks. This is partly because ability score mainly influence XP earned in the original game, and partly because I wanted players to have at least this much input.
  • Whatever normal equipment they wish their character to carry.
  • Perhaps a few words of Wyrmspear setting flavour that cover the PC's prior adventures. Bonus points if this falls within Wyrmspear's DL-spoofy pattern. Brilliant ideas could end up getting baked into the publishable version (with due credit given, of course) :D
Head over to the PC Setup area to discuss and refine...
[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]

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