Character Sheets and Reference

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Character Sheets and Reference

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Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Tet Baulrawer

Fightin'-Hobbet. Enormously fat and heavy.

Sore back from over exerting himself loading turnips.

S:13 I:9 W:4 Co:13 D:10 Ch:13

Mail, shield, helm,
Spear, dagger, sling,
Hooded cloak,
Smoking pipe, pouch of pipeweed,
Pouch of markbles,
Red and blue kerchief,
Tinderbox, 6 5 torches,
7 6 days of food:
6/7th portion remaining of: a dozen seed cakes, four pork pies, two egg and bacon sandwiches, wheel of goats cheese, two loaves of rye bread, half a leg of salted ham, jar of pickles, jar of hard boiled eggs, slab of butter, cold roast chicken, three dried fried kippers, bunch of grapes, six apples, four tomatoes, two pears, a half-dozen scones, strawberry jam, pot of cream.
Trail pan, pot, plate, cutlery.
Missus Pebble's Turnip Schnapps (equivalent to a potion of cure light wounds).

11 gp.
[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]
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Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Wilibald "Willie" Whitfoot
Lawful Fighter/Thief

Though he'd much rather be bounding about the countryside or indulging in one of his favourite pursuits (spelunking!), young Willie is determined to make something of himself, so he's taken on the title of Burglar-at-Large & is (discreetly) seeking out adventure. He's uncommonly healthy, strong, & motivated!

XP: Fighter 55 / 2,000; Thief 55 / 1,125

S: 15 I: 13 W: 12 Co: 16 D: 15 Ch: 10
Mv: 12"; AC: 6, HD: 1+2, hp: 9/9
Coin: 13 gp, 8 sp, 4 cp
Weight carried: 82 lbs

leather jerkin, helmet (battered old family spangenhelm), wooden shield
sling, hand axe, dagger
backpack, purse
sack, large (2)
sack, small (2)
pipeweed, pouch
oil, flask (3)
food, week 6 days
smoking pipe
rope, 50'
cloak, hooded
grappling hook
iron spikes (6)
[f=32]Wiglaff the Elf (M 12", AC 3, HD 1+2, hp 8/8, N) helm+plate+cloak of elvenkind, battle-axe (map)[/f]
[f=47]Wilibald "Willie" Whitfoot, Burglar-in-Training (M 12", AC 6, HD 1+2, hp 9/9, L)[/f]
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Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Name: Dougal Blackfoot
Nickname: Dougal the Black, Black Dougal
Class: Thief
Alignment: Neutral

S:11 I:11 W:11 Co:10 D:10 Ch:12
Gold: 15

Class Notes:
  • Backstab +4 To Hit for Double Damage
  • Thief Skills successful 3-6 on a D6.

Thief Skills:
  • Opening locks and foiling of magical closures,
  • Disarming small trapped devices such as spring-loaded poisoned needles,
  • Climbing almost sheer surfaces up or down at half normal movement rate,
  • Identifying noises behind closed doors,
  • Stealing or concealing items by sleight-of-hand,
  • Moving stealthily to pass or surprise enemies,
  • Hiding in nothing more than shadows,
  • Finding hidden or secret doors and passages.

    Leather Armour
    Short Sword, Parrying Dagger, Sling
    - Sacks, Large (4)
    - Bedroll
    - Rations, 1 week
    - Wineskin (wine)
    - Oil, Lamp (6)
    - Smoking Pipe
    - Pipeweed, pouch
    - Tinderbox/Flint/Striker
    Thievin' Shoulderbag
    - Crowbar
    - Lockpicks/Thieves' Tools (priced at 30)
    - Chalk
    - String, 150'
    - Mirror, Steel
Dougal Blackfoot (MV 9", AC 6, HD 1, HP 5/5, FC 1 Man) leather, short sword+main gauche
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Re: Character Sheets and Reference

Warrec "Chegs" Chegwidden

Lawful Fighting-Hobbet

S:14 I:10 W:9 Co:9 D:10 Ch:8 Gold:2 Copper: 45

Backpack (2x Lg. Sacks, torches, rope 50', rations, 3x oil flasks, wineskin w/ cider, tinderbox, wetstone & 5x chalk)
waterskin w/ water
wooden cross
3x daggers
Hooded Cloak
leather armor & shield.

Warrec is a proud defender of his folk, though he isn't war-hungry he was forced to take up his hammer to serve his folk. He loves to brew cider when he has time, using a recipe passed down through his family for generations. He often has an apple or pear that heal snack on with some cheese. He often has a wry smile on his face that is rarely mirrored in his eyes.
Veshengo "Vesh the scarred" Polgár Magic-User 1
S: 7 I: 17 W: 9 Cn: 13 D: 13 Ch: 4 Gold: 28 Silver: 16 Copper: 10 HP: 5

Warrec "Chegs" Chegwidden Fighting-Hobbet 1
S:14 I:10 W:9 Co:9 D:10 Ch:8 Gold:2 Copper: 45 HP:5

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