The Ninth Adventure

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Post by coffee » Mon Nov 21, 2022 1:44 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

Wilbur drops to the ground as well.

He's still got his crowbar out.
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Post by mgtremaine » Mon Nov 21, 2022 5:06 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

I'm assuming I was not in the room, when this went down. But if Kiplyn is in the room he would also react by hitting the deck
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Post by mushgnome » Mon Nov 21, 2022 8:13 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

So the pressure plate itself looks kind of 'cute.' It has the carving of a sleepy stone face, with the lips pursed and the eyes scrunched shut. When it is kicked by the skeleton foot, the stone face twitches its little nose. Then it opens its eyes and mouth and lets out an alarm exactly like the obnoxious air horns at sporting events: "BLA-BLA-BLAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

The large serrated disc, which was leaning against the far wall, tips over and falls to the floor with a clatter.

OOC: Dame Simonetta has declared an attack vs. the skeleton torso and Robur vs. the legs. Before I roll the combat dice, anyone else joining the fight? It's loud in here! If you want to coordinate your actions, you should shout.

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Post by coffee » Tue Nov 22, 2022 1:39 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

I'm not sure if Wilbur can get into the fight. He might swing awkwardly, if he's near, but I think it's more prudent to stand up now that the threat seems an empty one. If he can move also, he'll close on part of the skeleton to assist others.

And hey, if he can get a swing in, groovy! Otherwise, he'll be set up for next round.
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Post by ehiker133 » Wed Nov 23, 2022 5:36 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

Oh, Dougal definitely joins the fight. He uses his sword, it being the best melee weapon he has available.
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Post by mushgnome » Fri Nov 25, 2022 4:37 am

Re: The Ninth Adventure

The skeleton doesn't stand a chance against our heroes. Wilbur misses with his crowbar, but Robur destroys the legs, and Dougal and Dame Simonetta pulverize the torso. The skeleton is destroyed!

But there's a problem: The stone face in the pressure plate is still screaming, and the big serrated disk is still clattering on the floor, like a spinning coin that never quite runs completely out of speed. In fact if anything, the saw blade seems to be wobbling on its axis and gradually picking up momentum.
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Post by kipper » Fri Nov 25, 2022 2:51 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

Dame Simonetta proceeds to hustle the other hobbets out of the room (hopefully). "Oh, be quiet!", she says to the pressure plate as she passes.

(I'm assuming someone will grab the skeleton's sword on the way out, and perhaps the backpack as well.)

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Post by acodispo » Fri Nov 25, 2022 10:20 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

Willie steps near, squares his stance, raises Chegs' warhammer overhead, and brings it down with all his might on the stone face, attempting to smash the thing into oblivion!

If this doesn't stop the spinning blade, then he'll book it out of the room after the other hobbets.
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Post by rredmond » Fri Nov 25, 2022 10:39 pm

Re: The Ninth Adventure

Noh hoofs it quickly through the room following the Dame. He thinks, for only a moment, about dropping some oil in the gaping mouth-hole, but when Willie starts smashing, Noh just ducks and runs quicker.
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Post by Bastet1002 » Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:45 am

Re: The Ninth Adventure

Robur follows Dame and will grab what's left of the backpack if no one else does...
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