The Third Adventure

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Re: The Third Adventure

I knew being pretty would help me out some day!! :P
"Sounds very intriguing," Noh says intrigued, but then he adds in a concerned tone, "aren't you worried about being here all that time, alone and in the dark? Are there any, non heat producing light sources that you could possibly use, or any light at all spoils the research?"
Must remember to douse the lights every time we pass through there!
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Re: The Third Adventure

Turns 2-3

Ursa admonishes the rookie druid, "Alone?!? I am never alone when I am in nature. Open your eyes, my young friend, and you will realize that these caverns are every bit as wild and full of life as a grassland or forest. And in any case, I have more friends in the darkness than in the light," she adds cryptically.

Our heroes drag their burden of rope through the tight squeeze tunnel until they emerge into the larger cave full of puffballs. The Hobbets know they've arrived because the feeling of claustropobia is gone, replaced instead by a primal fear of yawning dark spaces. They reach out but cannot touch the ceiling above them or feel the reassurance of a solid wall beside them. If they were to let of the rope and wander off, who knows how they'd find their way home? Or maybe they'd take a wrong step and plunge into the Chasm! But they have faith in Ursa, and follow the rope single-file as the elder Druid leads the way north into the ripest patch of puffballs. If they could see, it would look comical: The puffballs magically part so that Ursa can pass between them, then snap back into Dame Simonetta's face, so that the Dame has to work twice as hard to keep up! Luckily she has above-average strength, and she shoulders on. Finally, Ursa comes to a halt and our Heroes bunch together in a small clearing.

"Look!" she says.

Carc gives an amazed squawk, but it takes the Hobbets a few moments to figure out why. Now that they have been in total darkness for a half-hour, their eyes have completely acclimated and become sensitive to the tiniest mote of light. Suddenly it swims into focus, all around them, the faintest specks of bioluminescense. Like deep sea creatures, the flora and fauna have brought their own light into the darkness. An entire ecosystem of cave crickets, salamanders, spiders, midges, gnats, beetles, fungi all bathing the cavern with their starlight. The illumination is almost too dim to make out, and your mind needs to be relaxed, which is why the Hobbets didn't notice this phenomenon during the brief, frenzied moments when their lantern went out in the previous Adventures. It is a wondrous and rewarding sight that few have had the privilege of seeing.

Ursa drops her rope, stands up, cracks her back. She pulls a briar pipe from the pocket of her robe and begins to tamp it down as she plays tour guide for our Heroes: "The Grand Chasm leads Beyond the Dungeon. The void below us is Wilderness, beyond the scope of Adventure Club and its mortal Rules. I've been down there before, several times, but I don't think you are ready to go Out-Of-Bounds yet. But this spot is a perfect place for my Research, at the edge of two ecosystems. It will be like collecting shells on the beach when the tide goes out." She takes a big rip from the pipe, and the Hobbets notice that, curiously, it doesn't produce any heat or light. She offers the pipe to the next in line while holding her breath: "Mmmmm?"

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Re: The Third Adventure

You may of course choose to ignore Ursa's warning and explore the Under-Dungeon at any time you like. I'm just saying as your friend: There's lots more to see on Dungeon Level 1, and I promise you wouldn't like the looks of my homebrew Subterranean Wilderness (Vertical Environment) wandering monster tables!

I have some pretty slick homebrew rules for climbing, when the time comes.

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Re: The Third Adventure

Well I'll be! exclaims Tet when he finally sees the bewildering universe of living motes. As he gazes, dumbfounded, at the eerie phenomenon he absently takes Ursa's proffered pipe, draws an able lungful, and passes it on...
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Re: The Third Adventure

Dame Simonetta passes the proffered pipe, unpuffed.

"I think it should be fine to light our lanterns after we pass through the secret door, but it may be difficult to find the door in the dark? Perhaps if we call out occasionally, we will be able to hear it clicking when we get close."

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Re: The Third Adventure

Kiplyn speak softly as if afraid to stir the darkness."How much rope do you think we have left? I think we should leave a path as far as we can."
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Re: The Third Adventure

Noh will nod in the darkness, quite impressed with his new hero. He partakes of the pipe as he listens to the others.
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Re: The Third Adventure

Willie lets out a long "Wowwwww" as he gazes in wonder at this entirely new view of the cavern. He's gazing up at the ceiling, but not in frenzied attention, squinting for signs of the dreaded Spider-Goat; now he just stares in open-mouthed awe at the beauty of it.

"Thank you, ma'am!" he says, politely, and draws deep from Ursa's pipe before passing it along down the line.
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Re: The Third Adventure

The vapours from Ursa's magic pipe are cool and soothing to the throat. Those who partake notice the phosphorescent motes seem to ripple and morph so that the cavern appears bathed in gentle waves of soft light."Here's what we do: We tie off the rope to this stalagmite, and leave it in place as our fixed exit rope. We each tie our own ropes to the hub, branching off on our own Adventures. I will tie one knot in the end of my rope, and you can tie two knots in the end of your rope, so we can tell our ropes apart by touch. Once you pass through the Secret Doors, if you hug the left-hand wall, it will take you down the Corkscrew Tunnel, and then you have my permission to light your torches. Don't go right or else you'll fall down the Chasm! Do you have any questions before we say our goodbyes? You have been such a big help to me. We will meet again soon, I hope."

OOC: I assume you want to go south down the "corkscrew tunnel" to areas 7-8-9-10 on the map, to continue your explorations from the First Adventure and show the newcomers the spoilery spoilers?

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Re: The Third Adventure

Dougal nods silently, unaware that he might not easily be seen, still in awe at the majesty of the dark cavern.

Then he comes to his senses and adds, "Err, umm, yes, that was the plan, to go to the corkscrew tunnel..." He ties off his rope, adding three small knots to indicate his place in the marching order.
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