(076) Off the Beaten Track

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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Noooo.... not Leuddie! thinks Boggs. He draws his sling and stands apart with Faengol.
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

"This guy is too dangerous to let go free!" Karl thinks, as he presses the attack.
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Alfwin struggles on, vexed by his lack of ability, "Thuul guide my blow and end this foe". He leaps onto Thick-Neck.
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

It's not the wisest move, but then Gunter isn't the wisest dwarf, so he continues holding the line and attacking.
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

The Herald holds the line, attacking Thick-Neck once again. Fight on!
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Leudigar spins and falls with Thick-Neck's last blow. As he lays on the ground, bleeding from multiple wounds, his eyes rest on Gerthrude's basket, laying on its side with the lid partially open.

Just then, two sets of eyes peek out of the opening and stare at him. He sighs and mutters, "If I make it out of this, I'll take care of Stephan and Elke, Gert. I promise."

Somewhat louder, he beckons, "A little help here!"
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Menno continues to fight!
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Spitting and scrabbling, his dagger wielded like a claw, Wetzel continues to attack wholeheartedly in a frenzy of violence until all enemies lie unmoving -- starting with Thick-Neck!
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Dopey's charge comes to a screeching halt, when he sees thick neck and his fighter standing tall and ferocious with bloody swords lashing about.

Dopey grabs Leudigar and tries to pull him out of the fray. "Hang in there, chap." Dopey says "I'll get you out of this fix, yet!"
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

The besieged trio are now fighting back-to-back, with the our six remaining fighters more or less surrounding them in a frantic melee. Dopey drags Leudigar clear of the fighting; toward Boggs, Fendrel, and Faengol.

Wetzel cracks Thick-Neck a blow to the head--and with his helm already off causes him to stagger a moment--but the Myrmidon fights on. These bastards are tough! His bloodied Men are inspired by his fortitude and the desperate trio launch a furious counter attack, cutting Menno, Karl, and smashing his shield, before dashing Brother Alfwin's helm orf and running two feet of steel clean through him. Brother Alfwin blinks once, then drops lifeless.

Everyone in the fighting is drenched with sweat and blood, heaving mightily to draw breath. "Say hi ta Thuul fer me," snarls Thick-Nick viciously. He's really worked up now...

Wetzel and Karl vs Thick-Neck 2 # d20 + 1 → [16, 12], one hit. 1 # d6 → [6] a head hit, and no helm! Thick-Neck takes 6 hp, and has taken 11 hp damage overall.
Herald and Alfwin vs Thick-Neck 2 # d20 → [12, 5], two misses.

Gunter and Menno 2 # d20 + 1 → [8, 15] one hit.
Who is targetted (LHM, RHM)? 1 # d2 → [2], so RHM.
1 # d6 → [5] would kill him, but takes his shield instead. RHM is reduced to AC 5/5.


Two fighters 2 # d20 + 1 → [20, 16].
Who is targetted (W, K, H, A, g, M)? 2 # d6 → [2, 4], so Karl (AC3) and Alfwin (AC6), two hits, for 2 # d6 → [4, 6] so Karl takes 4 hp, that's 6 hp all told. Karl has 1/7 hp remaining.

Alfwin takes 6 hp, a head hit! Will that helmet save his life? 1 # d6 - 1 → [5] so he suffers only 1 hp, but his AC is reduced to 7. 1 # d20 → [11] so his helm is ruined. Alfwin has 3/4 hp remaining.

Thick-Neck has a fighting capability of three Men: 3 # d20 → [20, 17, 17]. The fury!
Who is targetted (W, K, H, A, g, M)? 3 # d6 → [6, 2, 4], so Menno, Karl, Alfwin.
Three hits; all three throws would hit AC2, so damage rolls: 3 # d6 → [2, 5, 5].
Menno takes 2 hp,
Karl takes 5 hp, and would be slain but throws his sheild instead. Karl has 1/7 hp and is AC 5/5.
Alfwin takes 5 hp and is run through.
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