(076) Off the Beaten Track

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Post by waysoftheearth » Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:27 am

(076) Off the Beaten Track

The company strike out from Manfred's encampment, heading south-east, directly into the rough hills of the Hinterlands proper!

The weather is fair enough for a good day's hiking and, with Leudigar the Tracker frequently skipping ahead to plot a course, the company makes good time. They are well into the hills when they break for a midday meal, and from a rocky vantage they are able to gaze back over the low-lands behind them. Mandfred's encampment might well be an ants' nest from this distance, nestled between two outstretched arms of the greater hills ahead of them.

After lunch, the terrain continues to comprise broken ridges and ruts running through a gnarl of steadily rising hills. There is no sign of a proper track, but the vegetation is thankfully limited; sparse thatches of tough, wild grasses, with occasional stands of wiry shrubs clustered about a pool or stream, and stunted trees dotted about. Fair progress is had all afternoon, and well before dusk a suitably sheltered campsite is sought.

Leudigar is aware that he could have made double the day's distance on his own. And that the night ahead will be chilly...
Wilderness Exploration Turn 1

* The ref dices for the weather: 2d6 → 7, so clearing conditions.

* The ref dices to determine whether the company will become lost: d6 → ? (a ranger will not get lost in normal terrain, so the chance of becoming lost is reduced to only a chance of delay).

* The ref dices to determine whether the company's progress is detected by Manfred's scouts: d6 → ?

* The ref dices to determine whether the company's progress is detected by Hezmog's scouts: d6 → ?

* The ref dices to determine whether an encounter occurs this day: d6 → ?

So the first day draws toward its end with the company having successfully navigated three 3-mile hexes: plain, hill, hill, in a south-easterly direction.

One day of supplies are consumed; six days of supplies remain.
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Post by waysoftheearth » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:23 am

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Ordinarily, I might resolve as many exploration turns as are necessary for something "interesting" to be brought to your attention. However, as this is the very first turn, the players might benefit from an opportunity to specify the general parameters of their expedition.

Now would be an ideal time to establish whether you intend to march by day or by night, whether you intend to push hard or go cautiously, whether there will be a watch when you camp, who will be rostered for each of three overnight watch periods?

Players might also have more specific intentions for some of their turns, such as hunting/foraging for food, searching for water, scouting ahead or shadowing the main group from behind... etc.

Remember that characters who do not get sufficient rest will be subject to fatigue. Remember also that elves and dwarfs (and rat-catchers) have good night eyes.

So... what for next turn?
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Post by The Red Baron » Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:18 pm

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

"I'm afraid that I'm not much of a night watchman,"says Dopey."I would likely fall asleep on my shift."

I suggest that the night watch should watch in pairs, so that if one is surprised or falls asleep, we may avoid disaster.
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Post by mushgnome » Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:00 pm

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Boggs would inspect the potential campsite for animal tracks, scat, and signs of vermin. "Wake me at midnight," he grunts before turning in. His eyes are well suited for the darkest watch.

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Post by acodispo » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:29 pm

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

During the trek, Wetzel mostly stuck to himself, hanging near the head of the line. Every now and again he'd scurry on ahead to peer over the next hill, crouched low on the ridge, seeing whether he could catch a glimpse of the Ranger off ahead. Or he'd range out to one side or the other, poking under bushes, noticing the flora and fauna, and humming tunelessly to himself. But he'd keep within calling distance, and would rejoin the line from time to time.

Now, at the camp, the little man approaches Leudigar and speaks to the Ranger, but just loud enough to be heard by others in the group.

"I'll take the first watch tonight, if you please, sir."

Not really waiting for an answer, he ducks his head and hurries off. He drops his pack on the ground at the foot of a likely tree, then, with his leather cap hanging from his belt, with quiver in hand, he scuttles up through the gnarled branches, to gain even only a few feet of height and a bit of cover. Once settled, he wraps himself in a heavy, weather-stained cloak. His dark eyes can be seen glinting out of the foliage as darkness descends.
Wetzel takes the first watch on the first night (and timidly but insistently wakes Boggs at midnight. At the next camp (the following night), if the location seems safe enough, he'll take an hour before sleep to set up a few simple deadfall traps within calling distance of the camp, baited with berries or bits of his rations, in the hopes of catching a bit of extra food for their pots.

During the march, if the streams look fresh, he'll fill up.
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Post by coffee » Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:07 am

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

"I'll be on the last watch," Karl says. "I'm used to getting up early to light the forge."

He lays out his bedroll and occupies it, sleeping deeply but waking instantly when roused.
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Post by sully » Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:57 am

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

The Herald says, I will take third watch. Like most priests, I am used to rising early.
The Herald demands to be part of the action and will want to be as close to the front of the column as possible when deciding marching order.
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Post by mgtremaine » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:09 am

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Alfwin would offer to to sit up on first watch. Although not much a of warrior the journey does not seem to tire him out all that much, he has walked many a mile and the slow pace of the large company is pleasant. "Who has story for us? Tell us if the Ivory Wold if such a tale comes to mind."
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Post by ehiker133 » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:52 am

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Leudigar takes midnight watch with Boggs.
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Post by riftstone » Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:19 am

Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Faengol stirs, eager to talk at first -

"The Ivory Wold...which tale to tell? There are areas of light, where elves sing with the trees - if you have the ear to hear it. Other areas are too dark to speak of. I dare not! No, instead I will speak of a season. Spring is always a favorite. The land bursts with green, and the gentle rain caresses the large leaves and gently rolls to the ground, beading up in small convienient orbs for the glânnae, er cleaners I beleive the word translates, to drink. The streams flow with such sounds. And the birds! To say their song is a wonder is to almost rob it of all glamour. It entrances and intices, asking you to soar along. With all this, it is the scent I miss most. The trees, moss, dew...it is all too much to describe. I'm afraid my words would not be able to do it justice. It is only in great need I leave at all."

With that he grows silent, as if his mind is far away in another place, another time.

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