Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

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Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

"Will it spoiler things if I ask whether or not there is plant life down below? And how much for two sacks?" Noh asks after thinking a moment.
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Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

Dougal shrugs, "Dunno. Practically nothing, though, like a couple of coppers. Which is why we should all have them. I think I have 5."

He thinks for a minute and then replies,"There were mushrooms. LOTS of mushrooms in some rooms. But I can't recall any plants aside from that."
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Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

OOC: Major update coming this weekend. Just wanted to mention for Noh's benefit that fungi count as "plants" in our house rules, for purposes of druid magic.

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