(076) Off the Beaten Track

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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

The referee awaits the company's directive...
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

waysoftheearth wrote:The referee awaits the company's directive...

FYI, this weekend is a holiday weekend, WOTE. I'd like to get input from something more like 18% before indicating party action, so we might give it a bit longer (another 24 hours) to accommodate the fact people may be out of town. But I'll be happy to push the group forward without input after that.
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

sully wrote:The Herald is in favor of hiking along the rim to reach the gate this turn.

Karl agrees.
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Alfwin would look across the valley and after herding the murmurs to push on he would, some what timidly suggest. "Why the rush? We have a good view right here, why not see what we can see before making are way towards that gate."
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

"I would usually be content to sit and watch for a while, but I vote to head out immediately." says Dopey

"I would like to be there before nightfall, and I fear our slim rations will not permit much dawdling."
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Faengol votes for moving closer to watch the movements of the goblins. "It would be better to wait and be safe than to storm the stronghold from the front gate. Nevertheless, if that is your choice, I will help. Does anyone have a plan of getting through the gate?"
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

After spending several moments gazing out at the vista and down into the valley, Wetzel joins the deliberations of the companions, absently drawing patterns in the dirt beneath his feet with the butt of his spear.

"I like the look of that valley. Food to be found, and water. Hmm." He hums a bit and sucks his teeth. "If we could get down there, we could find a safe hidden spot in the woods, hide out, and do a bit of hunting, a bit of tracking, and a bit of spying. Give us a chance to see what's moving around these parts, if anything."

He glances up briefly from beneath his thick brown, but then returns his eyes to the ground.

"That'd be my vote."
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

"As I see it," weighs in Gerthrude, "you can either go in, or draw them out, but delaying is only losing you the advantage of surprise. And perhaps making my dress looser", she adds, pulling at the folds around her belly.

"Ill go wherever you decide, but lets decide quickly eh?"
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Boggs suggests, "We should approach out of sight of that tower. I hate to sound like an Elf, but I suggest to move under cover of the trees. Whichever path we choose, let me scout ahead so we don't blow the element of surprise."
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Re: (076) Off the Beaten Track

Menno strokes his pointy beard. "I'm not too keen on heading down into that wood — I reckon we should approach the tower by the ridge, observe from a safe distance, and maybe send a few lads around for a closer look."
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