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https enabled

I have installed a ssl certificate for all of Immersiveink so the forum, ddo, downloads etc all now respond to HTTPS requests. I did not force a redirect you are welcome to use either http or https.


[f=4]Wen the Pale, Elf Hero/Spellbinder (MV 12", AC 9, HD 4/2, hp 11/11, FC Hero, L) helm, bow
Zem the Dwarf Veteran (MV 7", AC 3/5, HD 2+1, hp 9/9, FC 2 Men1, L) mail+sh+helm, waraxe[/f]
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Re: https enabled

Thanks Mike; legendary support!
[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]

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