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Background Information

Good People,

Below is some flavour text to prepare you for what is to come...

Two years ago we were introduced to The Grey Hart, a motley crew of a hundred or so mercenary fighters and their hangers on. At that time, the company was notionally in the employ of the Marquis de Boors, though their morally "agile" leader (one Signor Trevor Sanguine) was ever open to opportunity.

The Grey Hart had been assigned to reconnoiter the muddy moorlands between Vessalt and Damaque for much of the campaign season, and had little show for it. Most of the men (and other sorts) were disgruntled by the lack of purpose, homely comforts, and especially loot.

With nothing but the coming winter to look forward to, rumour that a group of missing outriders had looted a nearby ruin (and made off with the proceeds) reached the camp and was circulated enthusiastically. According to the chinwags, this supposed "ruin" was hidden in a misty bog scarcely a day from the Hart's encampment! So persistent was this gossip, and so overdue were the supposed perpetrators, that the Signor reluctantly agreed to dispatch a search party.

So it is that our grizzled party of veterans and misfits find themselves tramping through the sodden, mist-shrouded moors--exactly the kind of territory which good tactical sense says should be avoided--in search of the missing outriders and, more importantly, anything that resembles loot...

You can work this into your PC generation if you wish, though I'd advise no more than a couple of lines of "backstory". Delving Deeper can be brutal--particularly to 1st level characters--and survival is by no means assured! PCs are meant to earn their story during play, and need not start with a complete life history.
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