01 - Market Day

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Re: 01 - Market Day


Alrik, too will follow, staying behind the others and trying to appear innocuous.
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Re: 01 - Market Day

There is movement in all direction all at once. Ordinary folk start heading back towards their houses. Militia members run off to arm themselves, while the Watchman head towards the east end of the town. Coln takes up his crossbow and heads east with the Watchmen, Phadian and Alrik soon follow. Rhegaer stands to one side and observers the goings on. He notes the Storyteller quickly gathers up his things, and perhaps a few other peoples things and heads West towards the old bridge. He also notes a hard-bitten, armored women standing between two builds observing his observing.

Coln and the rest soon make it to where the Sheriff, the Bailiff and gathered Watchmen and Miltia are. Sheriff Rol is pointing south down the long slope and everyone soon sees what he is talking about.

"A goblin warparty more then 1/2 mile away, word has just reached us that they burned the Hamlets of Wheatcroft, Elmswood. They must have come out of the Shadowmoor last night. We going to to need the full Milita to turn them back, we must keep them out of Alu at al costs. Send word up the street have everyone gather here we only a little time. "

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