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House Rules

Unless otherwise stated the game will follow Delving Deeper Online rules.

Thank yous go out to Simon Bull, Cameron Dubeers, and John Adams for all their efforts to make this possible.

Racial Rules: High Prime Ability raises the level limit as follows

15-17: +1 Level
18: +2 Levels

An Elf with an 18 Intelligence could rise as high as 10th level as a Magic-User
Hobbits are able to count either their Con or Dex score instead of Str for this.

Allowed Classes: Fighter, Cleric, Magic-User

Stats: 4d6 drop 1, arrange. Humans get to trade any single 1 for a 6.

Hit Points: All Player Character start with Max. HP at first level. For each level thereafter they roll a new total, based on all HD, then take the higher of the two. That is new roll versus the old total. This includes Elves with their dual classes, whatever total is higher from either class they get. In application that means an Elf of 4th/8th gets four shots to get a high total on 4 or 5 dice. 4th level Fighter 4d6, 6th M-U 4d6, 7th M-U 5d6, 8th level M-U 5d6+1.

Alignments: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic
Players are encouraged to consider Lawful and Neutral as playable alignments. A Chaotic would require a very delicate rational as to why he/she is involved with a party of Lawful heroes who seek to drive back the forces of chaos.

Shields: Shields may be sacrificed to prevent a blow from landing. This destroys the shield. Only magical shields can turn a blow from a magic weapon of greater then +2, or a blow from a monster with more then 10HD or greater.

Binding and Treating Wounds restores 1hp after any combat and requires 1 Turn.
Binding and Treating Wounds when done by a trained healer restores 2hp but requires 3 Turns.

Untreated wounds do not begin to heal until the next day at the rate of 1hp per day
Treated Wounds begin to heal the same day at the rate of 1hp per day.

Spellbooks: Read Magic is not required to read spells books or scrolls in this game, although it can be used to understand each. Instead spellbooks are written in normal languages which are known by the Wizard creating the text. Often times Wizard choose to use uncommon or archaic language by choice. Examples might Draconic, Elven, Druidic, or one of the tongues of the outer spheres.

Identifying Magic: Other then simple trial and error, the more scholarly can employ Detect Magic and Read Magic to gain insights into the possible powers. Experienced dweonmercrafters can recognize certain types of items which they are familiar with detect magic alone.

Languages: PLAYERS will start with no more then 6 Languages. Those with high Int/Wis will pick up more in the course of play.
Aquan, Auran, Common, Draconic, Druidic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Gnollish, Halfling, Ignan, Orcish, Sylvan, Terran, Undercommon, Ancient Elwhen, Arborlian, Hadetan, Chosian, Ordiac, Nilyssian, Coravenian, Norvinic, Axiybolim, Vilahelian, Xaltiac

Boons: At 4th Level all PC will gain a single boon based on the direction their character has taken. Examples might be Swordmaster +1 to hit, or Stealthy +1 to any roll dealing with stealth. The boon should be minor but can take on almost any form.

Normal Types: By the Book this is defined as "Normal-types include all man-types of less than heroic status and all other creatures of similar stature. Collectively these are all creatures with fewer than 3 hit dice." . In this game we add a small adjustment that is Normal-Types are defined in relationship to the PC/NPC/Monster's level at a 4to1 ratio. So from 1st to 7th level Normals are up to 1+1HD, at 8th to 11th they are up to 2HD, and above 12th they are 3HD. This applies to anywhere the "Normal Type" is used in the rules.
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A Note on Classes

The Fighter [BTB]
Fighters are soldiers, champions, and other warriors who engage in toe-to-toe and missile combat. Of all the classes, they are the most formidable in attack and can withstand the most damage. Moreover, a fighter has the use of any armor or shield and all weaponry including missiles and spears. In addition, magic swords and the majority of other enchanted weapons are usable exclusively by them.

The Fighter [In play]
Fighters are the quintessential hero. They come in all shapes and sizes, from Conan to Frodo, what they share is their lack of arcane powers and their ability to persevere against all odds. Some Fighters use strength, some stealth, some their wits and still other are able to withstand massive amounts of adversity. As a player you can dream up any kind of fighter you want.

The Magic-User [BTB]
Magic-users are potentially the most powerful class, but also the most vulnerable for they can wear no armor and may use only dagger and staff as weapons. A magic-user can, however, cast magic spells.

The Magic-User [In Play]
The Magic-user has decided to purse knowledge to it’s ultimate end. Their devotion to the collection of knowledge, power and lore is unrivaled by the other classes. As a player if your desire is to unlock the secrets of the universe, and live by your wits then the Magic-User is your best choice. But remember the Kingdom of Cantril is insular place, shepherders and goat farmers have little time to indulge in the esoteric, and they will tell you so.

The Cleric [BTB]
Clerics must choose law or chaos; they cannot remain neutral in the eternal struggle. Either type must remain steadfast in this choice or be stripped of all benefits.
Clerics (of the lawful sort) are virtuous knights and templars whose purpose is to vanquish evil. Their conviction in the righteousness of this mission enables them to turn the undead and to invoke miracles. In performing their duty, clerics are allowed shields and any armor, but the use of edged or piercing weapons is forbidden.

The Cleric [In Play]
Clerics are not as simple as this, I have several house rules about the Cleric that will be listed. In some ways the Cleric takes a little from the other classes and wrap it in the total devotion to a cause. From this devotion comes their divine powers. The iconic templar, or the stalwart healer are only two of the aspects the cleric can take on. Depending on the cause, the belief, and ultimately the divine source of inspiration, the Cleric can appear in many radically different guises. Two classic examples of non-iconic clerics to me are Rakhir the Red Archer before he lost his faith and Elric. Elric was a servant of Arioch and to me fits the description of a Cleric. Yes he had other abilities but when looked at in a certain way you can see the Cleric.

Cleric House Rules:
  • PC Clerics can be Lawful or Neutral
  • Lawful Clerics are encouraged to follow the teaches of Torgrin the Golden who struggles to restore the harmony of lost Elwhen.
  • Neutral Clerics lose the ability to turn undead.
  • Neutral Clerics lose the spells to Detect Evil, Protection from Evil, and Dispel Evil.
  • Neutral Clerics will gain a few non-standard spells and perhaps a power based on their faith.
Like the other classes there is great flexibility in how you create your Cleric, but it will take some interaction with the DM to get it all worked out.
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