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Arvenil Deathfire Magical Sword recovered from Tor-Xonor it's purpose is to destroy Dragons.

Dartmoor Hound: A breed of guard dog the largest domesticated breed, they resemble the Irish Wolf Hound.

Elves of the Mist: A term used to refer to the Elves that live beyond the boarders of the Kingdom of Cantril.

Elves of the Trees: A term used to refer to the Elves that live on Little Trinity.

Ferrin Kep: Priest of Torgrin known to be the author of the Evanglations of Ferrin Kep and multiple volumne set of religious writings.

Illmir the Doomed: Mysterious Wizard who lives in the Ruins on the Moor, according to the Goblins. Said to have been killed in a magical dual by a young Wizard named Alrik.

Holgor the Dark: Unknown associate of Illmir the Doomed.

Olts Tower: A tower built by the Wizard Olts hundreds of years ago near the town of Alu on the Downs. Olts has long since passed away but it has served as a home to various Alchemists, Healers and Hedge Wizards over the years.

Rik the Porter Porter from Alu on the Downs who travelled to Tor-Xonor in the employ of Alrik

Rowberry: A domesticaed berry bush that is farmed in long rows. In appearance and taste much like a salmonberry.

Rush Tea: The most popular beverage in the Kingdom of Cantril. This tea is made from the flowers and leaves of a several variety of local Juncus species of plants.

Sign of the Bent Plough: Inn at Alu of the Downs. So called because the owner gave up farming and opened an Inn.

Tor-Xonor Ruined Castle in the South of Lower Trinity.

Trinity Pine: A type of pine tree that grows on primarily on Little Trinity, at can reach 300feet in height.

Ragtoe: Chief of the Shadowmoor goblin clan. Lead the attack against Alu on the Downs and was defeated at the Battle on the Downs but escaped. Later killed by Adventurers from Alu on the Downs.
[f=4]Wen the Pale, Elf Hero/Spellbinder (MV 12", AC 9, HD 4/2, hp 11/11, FC Hero, L) helm, bow[/f]
[f=47]Kiplyn Sorefoot, Hobbet Thief (Lv: 4 AC: 6 Hp 12) Leather+Shield+Dagger, Sling[/f]
[f=55]The Grey Company[/f]

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