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Introduction + Overview

The Edge of the Western Sea

Overview: This area of the world is comprised of 15 islands, 4 of which exist beyond the edge of the world in the Astral plane. For centuries the area has been the domain of two powerful creatures. Achrim of the Mists an ancient creature of fire and shadow [Gothrog], and Torgrin the Golden a powerful dragon [Ancient Gold Dragon].The struggle between them echoes the greater struggle between the True Gods, Cho and Ord. Or more specially the cosmic forces of Chaos versus Order, thus creating a simple dualism. Achrim and Torgrin are both worshipped as gods by the inhabits of the Islands of the Edge of the Western Sea. They use their powers, which exceed the norm for creatures of their type because of their divine connection, to influence the islands as they see fit. Torgrin encourages the building of kingdoms and structure, he favors the King of Cantril with special protection. Achrim refutes Torgrin’s drive for civilization and raises agents and plots to destroy the rule of kings. The islands are scatted with ancient ruins and former battlegrounds, and after a millennia of struggle this has shaped the culture and settlements of the Islands.

Islands: [Covering an area of 800x600 miles: Map Scale is 1 square = 10miles]

Cantril the Great Isle
Trinity Isles [Lower, Little, Upper Trinity]
The Claws [Darmoor, Littletor, Sigmoor]
Isle of Fey

Beyond the Edge of the World
Tor Unik [Firstland]
Amtril the Lost
Isle of Mists
Isle of Gold

Population: 10,000 for the 5 Isles that belong to the Kingdom of Cantril

The Legend of Lost Elwhen - Dreams of Torgrin:

In the beginning Torgrin the Golden brought forth the land of Elwhen. He looked upon it in it’s splendor and was pleased. He brought unto it many creatures to live and thrive on the bounty of what he has caused to be, and he was even more pleased. The years passed and his people prospered and all was right with the world. Then came Achrim from beyond the edge of the world, and when Acrhim of the Mists looked upon the fair domain of Torgrin he grew wrathful. He arose in power and struck apart the land of Elwhen which is no more. The power of Acrhim was so great that the lands splintered and flew apart. mighty Torgrin arose in his own power and sought to quell the destruction, and thus for days the battle raged. In the end Acrhim and Torgrin drew apart and the seas settled and the Island of the Western Sea became much as they are today. But the long battle of Torgrin and Archim has marched down through time, and one by one Archim seeks pull the island beyond the edge of the world.

Days of Fire and Strife - Book of Achrim:

In the beginning there was fire and freedom. Beneath the waves of the ocean Achrim dwelt in peace in the very fires of the world. Eons rolled on as he reveled in harmonious contemplation of the great fires. But this peace was broken asunder by the destructive powers of Torgrin the accursed. By his power he demanded the fires release the earth and allow it to rise from the depth of the sea. In the tumult that followed the peace of the great fire was broken replaced by the great land of Torgrin’s choosing. Upon this new land of Elwhen Torgrin conjured a myriad of creatures and enslaved them. Then came time when the cries of the enslaved became too much for mighty Achrim and he was moved to action by a great sense of pity. He gathered all his cunning and power and moved against the heart of Torgrin’s power. In the struggle that ensued the land of Elwhen was broken, and so began the great drift. Since that day Torgrin has vowed to slay Achrim and once again enslave the free creatures of lost Elwhen, but Achrim prevents this and encourages all free creatures to rise up and resist the chains of Torgrin’s plans.
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On Races

Of all the races belonging to the council of Cantril the Elves are the least numerous and most mysteries. These forest dwelling, free spirited, beings are very long lived and possess knowledge they are loath to share for fear it will be misunderstood, cause upset or trouble amongst the younger races. After all it is not easy living 10 or 20 times longer then everyone else, watching the others races forget what they knew and struggle through another great cycle. The Elves pass down knowledge that others deem only myth.

Elves in the Western Sea can be dived into two groups, the High Elves, or Elves of the Tree, and the Fey Elves, or Elves of the Mist.

They can be found natively in two places. The Elves of the Tree make their home on the island of Little Trinity. This island is covered in thick forests which is the home of the massive Trinity Pine, a Giant Redwood like tree. The Elven fortress of Eforil is there, also known as Eforil of the Trees. The population is small, in the 200 range, but this is the center of Elvenkind amongst the isles. Socially they are mostly Lawful and support Torgrin's campaign to bring order to all the lands. From time to time individual Elves set forth to explore the other island, and take in the current state of things. They are rarely seen arriving and just as rarely seen departing. Which makes the other races wonder, do they sail, do they fly, do they simply walk on water. Humans are both terrified of Elves and in awe of them when they appear.

The Elves of the Mist are common in the Isle of Fey. This lies outside of the influence of the Kingdom of Cantril and the Elves are often referred to as "Fey Elves". They tend towards Neutrality and some even support Chaos, though not often the blood thirsty Chaos of the Orcs and Goblins. The isle of Fey is filled with creatures of legends, Elves, Pixies, Unicorns, Goblins, Centaurs, Nixies, Treants, Dryads and the like. These groups are small, clannish and live in a world of obscure motives and general isolation. They rarely get involved in the outside world, but if the outsiders come to them they woe to those who have come unprepared.

Stalwart defenders of the Council of Cantril. The Dwarves have supported the Kingdom since the the earliest of days. They helped to design and build the King’s keeps and the fortress Vastil which form the backbone of the Cantril's defensive power. From their deep caverns at Khan-Zoril they journey forth to ply their stonecrafting and metal-smithing skills for the benefit of the kingdom. Dwarves are widely respect and welcomed across the Kingdom for their is no end to the help they can provide.

Besides their ancestral home, which no outsider has every seen the depths of, the Dwarves maintain a clan home in the caves of Khan-Canil on the Island of Cantril. Here are the forges and smithy which maintain the arming of the King's forces.

Are the most socially integrated of the demi-humans in the Kingdom of Cantril. They can be found living in towns, villages and thorps throughout the five islands. With their clever hands and good natured demeanor they have earned acceptance by the humans far and wide. Hobbits generally make their way as farmers, bakers, craftsman, and for the more adventurous, as scouts for the army. Their small size, and quiet feet let them move about the wilderness with relative ease. Of course these adventurous hobbits are looked upon with pity by the ordinary, upstanding hobbits of the community.
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