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Wen the Pale

.~-= Wen (the Pale) =-~.

Lleuad-Wen is a young Elf of medium build with a pale complexion. Quick in both mind and body, he is naturally joyful and free spirited. Although he has lived many years as man accounts time he is young and unworldly, still taking delight in the babbling brook and rising moon more then in the harsh realities of somewhat cruel world.

Lleuad-Wen has spent the last decade studying magicks amongst the Elven Wizards and was named by his master who deemed it a fitting name for the pale Elf whom he has sent forth. Amongst humans he will answer to Wen or even Owl as he understands the younger races desire for brevity.

Special Items:
Wen's Pan Pipes: These wooden pan pipes can be played to sound like the rain or babbling brooks
1 XXX bottle (wrapped carefully 3d6 damage) - From: (052) Reckoning the Abbey Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:15 pm
Rosary Beads, (when the inscribed prayer is invoked, protect the wearer from evil)

Mem( ) Use( ) Alter Self
Mem(x) Use( ) Color Spray
Mem( ) Use( ) Comprehend Languages
Mem(x) Use( ) Detect Magic
Mem() Use() Light
Mem( ) Use( ) Protection from Evil
Mem( ) Use( ) Read Magic
Mem(X ) Use( ) Sleep

Mem( ) Use( ) The Infinitesimal Summons
Mem( ) Use( ) The Eerie Lambent

Mem() Use() Continuous Light
Mem() Use() Darkvision
Mem() Use() Invisibility
Mem() Use() Protection from Arrows
Mem() Use() Witch Lock
Mem() Use() Wen's Chromatic Aberration
Mem(X) Use() Ulric's Comburent Phlogiston


The Libretto Hermetica a spellbook bound and decorated by living autumn leaves. It contains All standard 1st Level Spells + 5 (listed above) 2nd Level Spells and the following unique four spells:

The Infinitesimal Summons : This spell calls forth up to 3d6 + caster level tiny creatures such as mice, bats, sparrows, frogs, or insects. These typically have 1 or 2 hp and are non-combative, but will provide whatever aid they can to the caster.

The Eerie Lambent : This spell creates a host of 1d6 + caster level animated, levitating candle flames. The Eerie Lambent moves as a whole where magic-user desires, darting back and forth at pace, turning corners and navigating openings. It may attract attention, frighten animals, illuminate a passage, and so on, but winks out of existence if ever it strays further than 100ft from the caster or when the caster rests or is hit.

Wen's Chromatic Aberration: By means of this spell, the caster causes light around their body to shift and distort. In terms the Caster is 10% harder to hit (-2 to attack rolls) and gains a further +2 save versus Wands, Rods and Staff.

Ulric's Comburent Phlogiston: (affects: 6" arc, duration: 1 turn, range: 12") A 1" wide and 6" deep arc beginning up to 12" from the magic-user is briefly enveloped in a fiery combustion. Thus, the maximum reach of this spell is 12" + 6" = 18". 2--12 man-sized creatures are caught; those nearest to the magic-user are always affected first, sheltering those farther back. Affected creatures will suffer 2--12 hp of fire damage. Heroic-types are allowed a saving throw versus breath weapon to reduce this damage by half.

Gazeback - USED
[f=4]Wen the Pale, Elf Hero/Spellbinder (MV 12", AC 9, HD 4/2, hp 11/11, FC Hero, L) helm, bow[/f]
[f=47]Kiplyn Sorefoot, Hobbet Thief (Lv: 4 AC: 5 Hp 12) Leather+Shield+Dagger, Sling[/f]
[f=59]Tass Purrfoot (Agile Hobbet Varlet, MV 9′′, AC 7, HD 2, hp 8, FC 2 men, SV T7, N)[/f]

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