The Druid Class

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The Druid Class

Hobbet Druid
Level	XP	HD	1	2	3
1st	0	1	1		
2nd	2400	1+1	2		
3rd	5000	2	3	1	
4th	10000	3	4	2	
5th	20000	3+1	4	3	1
6th	35000	4	4	4	2
Hobbet druids may advance to 4th level if they are dual or triple-classed, or 6th level if they are single-classed.

A druid has two prime requisites: wisdom and charisma. A score of 13 or higher in either of these abilities grants a +5% xp bonus, but a score of 16+ in both wisdom and charisma is necessary to receive the +10% bonus.

Druids use the magic-user saving throw and attack tables. They are limited to leather armor and wooden shields. Their weapons of choice are the cudgel and sling. Multi-class druids may use any weapon or armor permitted by their other class(es) but may not cast spells or use their pass without trace ability while wearing metal armor or wielding a metal weapon.

At 3rd level, druids gain the following special abilities: identification of plant type, identification of animal type, identification of pure water, and the power to pass without trace through overgrown areas.

Druids do not use spell books, and their spells do not typically require material components.

1st Level Spells
Animal Friendship
Detect Magic
Detect Snares & Pits
Faerie Fire
Invisibility to Animals
Locate Animals
Pass Without Trace
Predict Weather
Purify Water
Speak With Animals

2nd Level
Charm Mammal
Create Water
Cure Light Wounds
Feign Death
Fire Trap
Heat Metal
Locate Plants
Produce Flame
Warp Wood

3rd Level
Call Lightning
Cure Disease
Hold Animal
Neutralize Poison
Plant Growth
Protection From Fire
Stone Shape
Summon Insects
Water Breathing

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