Morale Checks for PCs

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Morale Checks for PCs

Particularly fearsome foes including the greater dragons and rocs, wraiths, and 8th (or higher) level fighters will cause normal-types (including player characters) to check morale merely by attacking.

How does one calculate a PC's morale score / modifier?
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Re: Morale Checks for PCs

Hey Michael, neat question.

Morale checks are typically made with a throw of 2d6. There is no specific "target score" to beat, instead the outcome is determined by comparing the result on the dice to a table. Generally, a higher throw is going to be better.

See here: Morale Checks
And see also: The Monster Reaction Table.

However, that's V4. If you are interested, you might also check out the (work in progress) morale section in V5, which you can find on p30 here.

Note that in V5 a morale throw of 12 is positioned simply as "very good" morale, without prescribing a (potentially silly) attack impetuously! outcome. But... maybe attacking a dragon impetuously instead of running away would be fun?

Hope that helps :)
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