Spell changes from V1 to V3

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Spell changes from V1 to V3


I knew that there were new spells added to the Magic-User spells but just recently discovered that a few were removed. Is this jut to make the game closer to the LBBs (I know Magic Missile was not in the LBBs)? Or was there another reason for these changes?

Just curious is all and if an adventure made for DD had Floating Disk or Magic Missile in the spells list would they be considered "New Spells" now?
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Re: Spell changes from V1 to V3

A few spells that were published in Greyhawk appeared in DD v1.

These were later replaced by alternate spells sourced from contemporary 'zine articles partly so that DD could be nearer to the original by not including material from the supplements, partly in recognition of the other creative energies that were happening around OD&D, and also partly to make DD somewhat distinct from other similar offerings.

It wouldn't be a problem if an adventure were to include spells from Greyhawk, AD&D, or other sources... they could be considered "new" research, or "old" treasures unearthed; either approach would work out fine ;)
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