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PC Creation Rules

waysoftheearth wrote:
Good People,

Here are some excerpts from a prepress version of Vol 1 which I hope are enough for you to create PCs and start games rolling!

The format and copy may be different to the final version, of course.

I have no idea why some of the following images are scaled to different sizes and I can't seem to change it... it's something to do with the way Mediafire and Proboards play together [img]images/smiley/undecided.png[/img]

If you can't read the text, try pressing CTRL + or CTRL - in your browser to resize the picture. Otherwise, you can click on it to download the original image from Mediafire.

Without further ado...


XP Bonus




That should be enough to get a start [img]images/smiley/smiley.png[/img]
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