Decision Behind Number Ranges?

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Decision Behind Number Ranges?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I wanted to inquire on ODDProboards due to its activity in comparison here, but the registration process is too much of a hassle. Nonetheless, I only have a very minor thing to ask. Forgive me if I'm forbidden to ask such questions here.

When a set of number range (Ex: 1-6) is stated, an appropriate number of dice is rolled. Fair enough, but what I don't understand is how a parenthesized (Or better yet, bracketed, to distinguish them from sentences) is omitted to just show the amount of dice and their modifiers you have to roll. I realized how this archaic system of just showing the ranges slowed down the game-play once you stumble upon an unorthodox set of numbers. Like 5-10. Of course, that's 1D6+4, but I had to dedicated 10-15 seconds of thinking to even solve that, due to the many combinations of dice you have to remember.

It's basic math obviously, but at the heat of battle, most people become slow at math when pressured, especially when combing different types of dice and modifiers to get a minimum and maximum result. Is there a reason why the rules (I'm talking specifically about the V4 version) don't just include the amount of dice you have to roll? I don't want the number ranges removed, because there's a certain antique charm to it, but just adding the amount of dice besides it in parenthesis (Or brackets), like this "2-20 (2D10)" (Or "2-20 [2D10]) would save a lot of time and mental energy.

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Re: Decision Behind Number Ranges?

I remember Simon talking about the number ranges once a longtime ago. I'll see if I can find that post. (Although hopefully he pop by and answer this)


ADDED: Oh now I remember it's at the start of the rules...

So Yes there was assumed knowledge about how to parse the range given. But I'm not sure the layout of the books could handle the additional [1d6+4] notation after each range. But it is a fair point.
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