(089) Moonlight Backtrack

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Re: (089) Moonlight Backtrack

Freid does go through his bags and pack looking for: 1) rations and water, 2) a way to get food and/or water (string for snares or fishhooks), and 3) ways to light fire.

"Last we knew Ket was controlled by Snorks. They won't be friendly." Freid says, "And I think the outer farms might have been raided to ruin by the Snorks and their friends, too."

"I don't know if Ket is our best bet. Manfried's Camp may be where we should try to go. If we could find it."

Freid doesn't expect to find much useful, but he didn't ditch all his rations or his waterskin nor his tinderbox.

Time of year is interesting. Wasn't it early spring when we started out to the mountains? I'm feeling it's fall now, not spring, is this right?
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Re: (089) Moonlight Backtrack

Zem requires little convincing to paw thru the gold coins in his pack. He does check on the other things but since he tossed aside much of his equipped he mostly finds gold.
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Re: (089) Moonlight Backtrack

Karl likewise searches through his gear, noting what is and is not present.

Yet as he does so, he still keeps one eye on the party's surroundings; it wouldn't do to be surprised in such circumstances!
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Re: (089) Moonlight Backtrack

Per their recent eerie decampment, the company find themselves strangely bereft of their usual gear. Aside from very worn and grubby shirts, hose, and smalls, the company have the following possessions:

Zem has his axe, and his pack full of gold upon his shoulders. But that is all he has with him.

Karl's has his mail and his trusty sword.

Fried is carrying his sword and shield, but nothing more.

Leudigar has the silvered Bleakmass blade and his horsebow (with half a dozen arrows) in its holster.

There are no packs or supplies or other gear between them all.
Note that you've already cashed in the XP for bringing the treasure haul back to "civilisation" (frosty though it was). You have a pack full of gold to get geared up again... you just need to find somewhere to spend it. And food and water.
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