(057) Dawn Patrol

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(057) Dawn Patrol

In the pre-dawn dark of the seventh day since arriving at Southwatch our intrepid company at last shoulder their packs--heavy with provisions--and clamber up to the highest reaches of the great watch tree to a platform which looks like nothing so much as an over-sized "bird's nest".

The Elvish beastmaster and several of his apprentices is already there, holding a tight rein on a magnificent, but frisky, hippogriff. The beast has the forequarters--and wings--of a giant eagle, and the hindquarters of a horse, and is straining and squawking to get skyward.

"First pair, mount up!" instructs the beastmaster, "Your guides are already aloft!" You have already been briefed that you'll be riding in weight-balanced pairs, and now see that there is a great double saddle upon the hippogriff's back. First up are Dieter and Desmond, and the beastmaster's apprentices help them to mount and strap in. "Don't worry," they advise the nervous travellers, "The beasts know what to do!".

No sooner have they got into their saddles than the beastmaster lets go the reins and the animal pounds the air mightily with its wings as it leaps upward, screaming. Those at the nest are nearly blown over the edge by the furious gusts, while Dieter and Desmond cling grimly on for dear life as the whole of their world tips upward and lurches savagely.

As soon as they've cleared the nest another hippogriff drops out of the black sky in a flurry of wind and feathers, and an elvish rider leaps down, allowing the next pair--Torben and Wen--to mount and be swept up into the sky.

This continues until all twelve company members are aloft upon the backs of six hippogriffs. Flying!

On the chill dawn air! IT IS EXHILARATING!
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

The flying pairs are:

Dieter & Desmond,
Torben & Wen,
Gustave & Highbough,
Dorgan & Ulric,
Olaf & Josiane,
Beringar & Armando.

There are also two additional hippogriffs aloft, each carrying a single Elf; acting as your guides.

You have three weeks of supplies.

I will be re-rolling everyone's hit points shortly.

Wen, Highbough, Ulric, and Josiane; please state for the record what spells you have memorised this day.

Note that Guntram has elected to part ways with the company in order to pursue his own purposes.
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

Ulric has prepared:

1st level
Ulric's Anthracite Sufferance
The Sorcerer's Flechette
Charm Person

2nd level
Ulric's Hyperbole Fulmination
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

Gustave finds himself entirely unimpressed with this 'flying' thing, and wishing he had taken a more hefty sample of the securely strapped-on wine before boarding the huge, furry, grossly-deformed horse-bird.

His new respect for birds remains deeply burried however, as he focuses his attention on not-spraying his companion with Elvish breakfast.
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

Beringar, pale-faced and silent, holds on as tight as he possibly can.
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

Desmond, periodically wiping away tears caused by the crisp wind in his eyes, swings his head around in awe, trying to take in the sights from what is sure to be a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Over the howling wind, he occasionally tries to get Dieter's attention by calling out and pointing at features of the landscape.
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

Dorgan, being a wanderer nonpareil from the Clan Halfshield, is quite enjoying the ride.

He will take this rare opportunity to learn of and memorize as much of the topography as possible.
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

Dieter is nearly overcome by the view from up here! He barely notices Desmond's attempts to get his attention, for he himself is already scanning the landscape, observing whatever he can of a military potential below. Possible lines of advance, likely ambush territory, etc.

What he wouldn't give to have access to one of these magnificent beasts while directing a battle!
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol

It has been a long time since Highbough rode a hippogriff, and he is enjoying the wind in his long silver hair. He is thrilled to be free of that awful Elf town so he can drop the Taurnorn facade.

"Fine day for killing goblins, eh Gustave?" he shouts to his riding companion (in Elvish, though he's careful to use small words). "Is this your first flight? The secret is to steer with your knees, so your hands are free for fighting. Like this!"

The hippogriff lurches, and so too does The Gustave's stomach! The Grey Elf laughs, and expertly guides the hippogriff back into formation.

He has memorized The Acclivitous Smaze, Choke, and Hold Person.

(OOC: Did enough time pass in Woodsville for Highbough's invisibility cloak to recharge?)
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Re: (057) Dawn Patrol


Don't look down. Don't look down. Don't look down.

Torben looks down.


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