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Post by mgtremaine » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:19 pm

Re: And now for something completely different...

I don;t know how you keep all your PBP games straight! :) But do tell us how it goes. Always looking to learn new things.
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Post by ehiker133 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:46 pm

Re: And now for something completely different...

mgtremaine wrote:I don;t know how you keep all your PBP games straight! :) But do tell us how it goes. Always looking to learn new things.

hehe... well, MOST of the games are terminally slow - some don't even update once a week, more's the pity. And, truth be told, I'll be cutting them back pretty soon if they don't pick up.

The other bit (keeping characters straight) is sort of a dichotomy with me. I heartily believe in the idea that this is JUST a game and that a new character is only a few dice rolls away.

On the other hand, I have (hopefully) a good imagination. It is easy for me to get drawn into a character, especially when CHARGEN takes a bit longer and is more involved.

For me, it always starts with the dice rolls. I never go into a build thinking, "This time, I want to make a... PALADIN!!!" (I can honestly say in 26 years I've NEVER gone into a build thinking I wanted to play a paladin.) I have to roll the dice and see what it gets me. Thought the number of dice I roll varies (3d6, 4d6c1, 4d6c1 three times and keep the highest, etc.) for each stat, I like to roll the stats in order and not arrange them. That helps set up, in my head anyway, what class(es) the character should be.

I don't think I'm a Min/Maxer, but I do try to build a character that has played on his strengths and weaknesses as he's developed into an adventurer. If I roll up a 15 WIS and a 17 INT, I would probably go with a mage (unless I had plans of dual classing, in which case I'd go with the cleric first and get a few levels and some better hit points before switching to a mage). And I've been known to pick a race specifically for a stat bonus, if it will net me some bonuses.

If they are starting off at 1st level, I try to at least do a 10 minute background for the character. This helps me flesh them out and it gives the DM some hooks to use if they so choose.

Then I like to find an image of my character... something that seems to capture his essence. Going off of the image helps me develop him even more - where did he get that dagger from? Why does he wear dark clothes? etc.

All of this work makes me more invested in the character. And when I'm invested in a character, it is much easier to write for them, to figure out how they would respond to a situation, to try and work their personality into the game. And, hopefully, keep them all at least a little different from the other characters I have.

It's probably the main reason why I can't stand pregen characters or starting a game off at a higher level. You miss out on so much character development. Your Sword +1 is just a sword +1; it isn't the glowing sword you slipped off the corpse of a wood giant (who was using it for a dagger) after you infiltrated his tomb and fought off a horde of animated stick-figure guardians to obtain.

When you're invested in your character, the game is more fun. It is more exciting. It makes you think things out instead of rushing headlong into a fight. Because it sucks when your character dies...

Still... the next character is just a few dice rolls away. And maybe you'll come up with something even BETTER than the last one.
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Post by sully » Thu Feb 13, 2014 6:25 pm

Re: And now for something completely different...

I'll have to keep you in mind if I ever get my Crusades game off the ground. I'd need players who were more dedicated than the average PbP'er for that one.

I agree with you on keeping PbP games straight. I'm in several, and most of them don't update anywhere near once per day. I think at some point I've realized that if I want an every day experience, I have to be the DM. Very hard to find a good game with a fast pace.
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