Recruiting players for weekly DD game via Discord chat

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Recruiting players for weekly DD game via Discord chat

Not sure if this is the best place to put this: it is neither play-by-post nor is it hosted on this forum. :) Ways or other mods, please move it wherever you think best!

I'm going to be DMing a play-by-text-chat open table game starting Feb 10th via Discord text chat (see

The rules will be something OD&Dish, with the Delving Deeper v4 forming my primary reference text. Essentially the game will start with close-to-RAW DD, and will inevitably evolve as I house-rule stuff.

Play will focus on exploration of dungeons & wilderness. I'll start this campaign (as I usually do) with a very bare-bones setting, in this case just a dungeon & a safe town. The setting will evolve just as the rules do: in response to play & the particularly the players' actions.

The format is inspired by West Marches & Rythlondar Chronicle: each session begins and ends in a safe area, and anyone with a character can join in for a single session (expedition), with no commitment to being there the following session.

Characters are created at random and start at level 0, though after the 1st session I'll allow FLAILSNAILS characters to wander in.

Emphasis is on fun, casual, low-commitment, and playing to find out what happens, for myself as well as the players.

I post here because I'm using Delving Deeper as the reference text, and assume that some of you may be interested. Observers are also welcome at any session.

Sessions are currently scheduled for Sundays starting Feb 10, 1-4pm EST.

If you want to join, it's as easy as joining my Discord server & requesting a character. Here is the link to join:

Let me know if you have any questions!
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