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Mero the Fighter

As Mero and Sir Loherangrin rode back from a hard season's fighting at the frontier, laden with laurels and plunder, they were beset by goblins. Mero was awakened from daydreams of gold spurs to see his master fall from the saddle with black arrows sprouting from his chest. Mero rode hard with wolves on his tail, until his horse was spent, then stood on a hillock and broke his sword on a wolf's skull. Thus did Mero find himself lost and alone in the hinterlands.

Mero follows a strict chivalric code: obey one's liege, disdain one's inferiors, perfect one's ability to conduct violence, maintain one's arms and armor, punish all transgressions upon one's honor, obey the will of Almighty Thuul, obey the saints, tithe to the Lawful Temples, sire progeny.

Mero bears the device of his former master: an argent swan charge on gules, indicating fidelity and martial prowess respectively.
[f=4]Mero the Fighter (M 9", AC 2/4, hp 7/7, FC Man+1, L) plate+helm, spear+shield[/f]

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