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PC Sheet Template

Take a copy of the following character sheet, then paste it into a new thread named after your character:
 .~-= [b]Your Name[/b] =-~. 

[color=Brown]Race[/color] : Man, girl, Dwarf, Elf Maiden, etc.
[color=Brown]Alignment [/color]: Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic

[color=Brown]Class & Levels[/color] : Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric/Thief 1
[color=Brown]Experience Points[/color] : 0
[color=Brown]Prime Requisite[/color]: X (an ability score, adjusted due to high Wisdom).
[color=Brown]XP Bonus[/color] : +X% (determined by Prime Requisite)

[b][color=Purple]Normal/Heroic[/color][/b]: Normal (Determined by HD)

A few words describing you.

[color=Brown]STR [/color]: damage, doors, load limit.
[color=Brown]INT [/color]: langs, m-u spells.
[color=Brown]WIS [/color]: prime requisite, clerical spells.
[color=Brown]DEX [/color]: initiative, missile attacks.
[color=Brown]CON [/color]: hp adjustment, shock survival.
[color=Brown]CHA [/color]: reaction, loyalty, henchmen.

[color=Brown]Armour Class[/color] : F/R (front/rear) 
[color=Brown]Hit Dice[/color] : X+Y (determined by class, level, and constitution bonus)
[color=Brown]Hit Points[/color] : Z (to be rolled by the ref)
[color=Brown]Saving Throws[/color] : 
Wands & Rays:
Paralysis & Petrification:
Breath Weapon:




[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]

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