Locales of the Hinterlands

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Locales of the Hinterlands

Gothos (a.k.a. The Kingdom) is the broader political arena in which this game is set. It is a realm of Men based on a loosely mythic-medieval German theme. The people of Gothos speak Gothic.

Maine The distant capitol, and heart of Gothos.

The Hollow Citadel is the principal Temple of Law and head-quarters to the seven Knightly and Clerical Orders of Thuul. It is located in the city of Maine and built over the vigilantly guarded Seal of Seyal.

Wichtboden is an idyllic vale in a quiet backwater of Gothos where Hobbets dwell. Hobbets are disinclined toward "adventures" and speak the Lilliputian dialect.

Theudelund A cloistered fiefdom in the northern vales of Gothos where only monks and zealots dwell. They speak only Empyrean.

The Ivory Wold (a.k.a. Wild Wood) is the hidden forest kingdom of the Elves, occupying a goodly portion of western Gothos and lying adjacent to the rural Hinterlands. The Elves are generally reclusive and watchful and speak the Sereynon tongue.

The Hinterlands a hilly, rural wilderness that is nominally counted as the western frontier of Gothos, but in practical terms is beyond any direct political influence. Significant trade lanes between Gothos and Radjemia traverse the Hinterlands, despite these being fraught with peril. West of Maine, and south of Wild Wood.

The Walled Town of Ket a frontier bastion that is the anchor of all trade between Gothos and Radjemia, and the center-piece and player head-quarters of the immediate game setting.

Xanadu is another Kingdom of Men based loosely on a loosely mythic-medievel Zulu theme. The tall, dark-skinned Men of Xanadu are rarely seen in Gothos; they speak Xanadu. "Xanadu" is also a euphemism widely used to mean any place that is far away.
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