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About Hinterlands...

Hinterlands--or more formally: The Deep in the Hinterlands--began as a tribute to E. G. Gygax's 1980 classic B2 Adventure Module The Keep on the Borderlands. It was to be a mini-campaign setting involving interlinked elements of town, wilderness, and dungeon adventures pitched at Normal tier (a.k.a. low level) players.

It began it's online existence in March 2010 at odd74, and migrated here in September 2013 where the game referee could have greater control over the forum settings. As of this post (August 2015) there have been 34 unique players, 47 player characters, and >17,000 posts. At least three player characters have survived to 5th level.

Play began with a liberally house-ruled Original D&D.
Over the years the house-rules have been steadily trimmed down, to a now more concise offering over the top Delving Deeper V4 (mainly because DD4 can be freely browsed online).

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Enjoy :)
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