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Background Information

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:37 pm
by Makofan
This is just a dungeon delve. But here is a backstory for those who like something to make sense.

Adventurer's far and wide know about Gorthaur's Madness. Down the centuries, eager fortune seekers have been employed by successive inheritors of the Licorice Tower that guards the dungeons underneath. Now, these halcyon days may be drawing to a close. The current mage, Gorthaur XIV, has made it known throughout the countryside that he is looking for brave adventurers to rid him of a curse. His ancestor, Gorthaur, was cursed by a major devil after Gorthaur helped overthrow an attempt to take over the earth. Each successive generation has been tasked with building a dungeon level underneath the tower and stocking it with monsters, or their soul will belong to Hell when they die. Thirteen levels have been constructed in thirteen generations. It is said that once the fourteenth dungeon level has been constructed, then the curse will be broken for all time.

Gorthaur will rent lodgings to you, and set aside a vault for any treasure you bring up. He asks for a 10% cut of treasure by value, and will sell you food and weapons from his general store and blacksmith. He will also identify magic items at a cost of 100 gold per item, and may even buy them from you. He needs a party of adventurers to get down to the thirteenth level, find a 10' section of blue stone flooring, and then guide him safely there, as that is where he will need to start digging a stairs to start making level 14. He has no clerical spell services available. There may very well be people for hire to help augment the party - danger and opportunity attract many types.

I will attempt to use Delving Deeper by-the-book, with no house rules (although I am sure we will need rulings and clarifications). I do not wish to use any optional character races, classes or rules for this dungeon.

I plan to have each character generate a stable of characters from which they can draw

Re: Background Information

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:55 pm
by Makofan

Available at Start
Ordinary (porters/torch bearers) 2 sp per day.

Footmen: 4 gp per month (minimum one month)
Armored footmen: 8 gp per month (minimum one month)
Missile footmen: 6 gp per month (minimum one month)

Available at higher levels
Only the lowest level player types will be seeking employment and these will not be tempted for any offer worth less than 100 gp. Dwarfs desire especially gold, elves and magic-users desire spells and magic items, clerics desire crusades and places to worship, and so on. I will not check for retainer availability until a player has hit heroic type status (3 HD), at which point their reputation will attract people

Re: Background Information

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:26 pm
by Makofan

Example: A beginning party enters a room with 2 ogres and gets slaughtered to the last man. I have no problem with the next group deciding "Don't go in there, there are 2 ogres". I treat D&D as a war game and a puzzle. Each exploration gains more knowledge.

Of course, the ogres might no longer be there, and instead there is a sack of gold the second time you come back, which you missed because you avoided it...

Re: Background Information

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:04 pm
by Makofan
I somehow missed posting this where it could be found easily

The wizard will sell spell scrolls, but there are no protection or clerical scrolls available. His costs are higher than if you make them yourself

1st level spell scroll: 200 gold (90% chance of having that particular spell already on a scroll)
2nd level spell scroll: 400 gold (70% chance of having that particular spell already on a scroll)
3rd level spell scroll: 800 gold (50% chance of having that particular spell already on a scroll)
4th level spell scroll: 1600 gold (30% chance of having that particular spell already on a scroll)
5th level spell scroll: 3200 gold (10% chance of having that particular spell already on a scroll)

No other magic items (potions/wands/whatever) are available at this time