Delve 12 Aftermath

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Re: Delve 12 Aftermath

Wiglaff is well pleased with all this.

Yolenna is eagerly accepted as Elf Apprentice. Wiglaff instructs her to adventure as a Fighter for her first delve (he will instruct her in the warrior's arts).

He gives her a potion of heroism and scroll of colour spray, as a taste of the future magical rewards she is sure to reap in his service. "Use these well, but only if necessary!" he warns.

He arms himself with Grampus' magical axe and armour.

His old silvered axe he gives to Yolenna, as well as his plate armour.

He hires the elf archers, and he makes sure that they each are armoured with silvered spear, plate & shield as well (he will just pass them Ivar & Sigmund's armour if these are available).

He purchases an extra backpack for his porter Phillippe, and an extra week's rations for the man to carry around. (11gp)

Edgar will carry the blue-ish torch of everburning and Phillippe the lantern.


...[Rhod F4].....[Wiglaff E3/3]..
..[Aldbane C5]........[Edgar]....
.[Hobbit Bowman].[Hobbit Bowman].
...[Maloof T2]....[Franklin F4]..
..[Yolenna E1]......[Phillippe]..
..[Elf Archer].....[Elf Archer]..

I've removed "Aiden", who was Vesh's torchbearer but was still lingering in the marching order!
[f=32]Wiglaff the Elf, F3/MU2 (M 12", AC 9, HD 4+1, hp 14/14, N) cloak of elvenkind, battle-axe; light, colour spray (map)[/f]
[f=47]Wilibald "Willie" Whitfoot, F1/T1 (M 12", AC 6, HD 1+2, hp 9/9, L) gambeson+helm, shield+warhammer[/f]

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Post by Makofan » Sat Jan 15, 2022 11:55 pm

Re: Delve 12 Aftermath

Merc names have been created

Sera acodispo
Tauriel acodispo
Yolenna acodispo
Balbo mushgnome
Drogo mushgnome

Sheets have been updated

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