Urtzil the Fetid, Leper Shaman

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Urtzil the Fetid, Leper Shaman

.~-= Urtzil the Fetid - Eye of the Basilisk =-~.

Race : Man
Alignment : Neutral

Class & Levels : Magic-User 1
Experience Points : 0

Normal/Heroic: Normal

Urtzil appears to be a man but, shrouded in matted furs, skins, leaves and other bits of less-becoming matter and protected by a powerful stench that makes you want to retch, he is something of a shambling enigma. His reputation with the arcana is formiddable however, and most seek to stay out of his way and that of his equally uncomely companion Mnugnunni.

STR : 11
INT : 15
WIS : 11
DEX : 10
CON : 5
CHA : 7

Armour Class : 9/9 (front/rear)
Hit Dice : 1
Hit Points : 5
Saving Throws :
Wands & Rays:
Paralysis & Petrification:
Breath Weapon:

"Backpack" (modified wolf pelt) containing:
- Spellbook (clad in suspect looking skin)
- Field rations (worms, weeds, roots)
- Oil
- Torches (6)
- Tinderbox

Rusty knife.
The Staff of Mnugnunni (The remains of his partially mummified cat, impailed on a bent stick)
"Cloak" (matted furs, leaves, roots, bits of bone and...was that a mouse?).

Sack of gore (spell components) containing:
-Wolvesbane 10gp (poison to animals)
-Garlic 5gp
-Belladona 10gp (poison to man-types)
-Various sometimes recognisable bits of animals and plants

3 gp

Arcane Knowledge:
Spellbook (the skinned tome of Lgunrah):
Read Magic,
Alter Self,
Comprehend Languages,
Fog Wall,
Sleep (memorised)

Scroll: charm person
[f=4]Lemmi the Mender (MV 12", AC 7/7, HD 1, hp 5/5, FC Man, N) leather, sword+dagger[/f]
[f=4]Statue of Zax the Gnome Fighter (MV 5", AC 2/4, HD 1+2, hp --/6, FC Man+1, N) plate+sh+helm, pickax[/f]

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