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[05] The Underbelly

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 1:52 am
by waysoftheearth
| This is the first half of turn 3.15 for Potts |

Master [p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] sees that if anything is to be done, he'll have to do it himself. So he straightens his coat, squares his Hobbit shoulders, and proceeds down the ramp... carefully!

Well, if it was dim in the chamber of the cultists, it is positively dark a little way down the ramp, and only getting darker ahead!

| Potts has a movement rate of 9" so he can cautiously make 180ft this turn, which is quite enough for him to reach the bottom of the ramp. Meanwhile, the referee dices for a random encounter this turn: 1d6=5 just missed by one pip. Now that would have been inconvenient! |

[p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] senses the air is growing damp, and there is an increasingly bile scent upon the air. The dull glow of the cultist chamber is two-score paces behind, and he can scarcely see the ground before his feet when he senses he has reached the bottom of the ramp; the rough stone ground levels off, and he feels as much as sees the volume of another large chamber.

| Knowing there is "something" present, the referee rolls to determine whether Potts has snuck up undetected--and thereby "surprised" it: 1d6=2. He hasn't! Whatever it is must have got a whiff of him on the air as he approached. Remember that in a normal game Potts' player would not yet know that he has been detected...

Now the referee will roll a reaction check for the resident presence: 2d6=10; a positive reaction. The ref decides a positive reaction is enough to indulge in some pre-dinner parley. A negative reaction would have been to attack immediately, and an undecided reaction to "wait and see". |

[p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] is still trying to get a sense of the dark space--filled with shadows interrupted by columns--when suddenly there comes a deep, slow voice from alarmingly nearby!

"Such a pretty song to herald you, Little Lunch," purrs the voice lazily, "'Tis almost a shame they stopped. Will you lay down bravely, Oh Morsel, or will you give me sport?" it seems genuinely pleased with either prospect...

| Let us suppose it took Potts one move to reach the bottom, so we were halfway through turn 3.15 before switching to the encounter timescale. Thus, combat-turns 3.15.1 thru 3.15.5 were skipped through at the exploration scale.

Now accepting Potts' orders for turn 3.15.6, which will be a one-minute combat turn, even though combat has technically not broken out yet. |

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 5:48 pm
by discuit
Potts slowly begins backing his way back up the ramp, and whilst doing so says "Please oh master of this temple, I come not to attempt to harm you, for I am no match for your power and might, I come but to basque in your glory!"

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 12:30 am
by waysoftheearth
| Combat turn 3.15.6 for Potts...

I have posted the result of this turn to you privately Discuit. Once the game is up, I will post it publicly here ;)

Okay, here's what happened...

Let's assume Potts' "backing away slowly" includes attempting to defend/parry any possible attacks on his person (effectively gaining him 4 pips of AC).

Now seeing that its lunch is going to leave, the resident Wyvern will quite naturally pounce.

Potts is a 1 HD normal-type so a 7 HD monster could attack seven times as a (1 HD) normal-man in normal combat. But normal combat attacks merely deal 1-6 hit-points of damage (as would a normal-man). In order to use it special attack (its venomous stinger) the Wyvern has to use its heroic combat mode; so it throws a single attack as a 7 HD monster.

1d20=19 @-4 (parrying/defensive) hits AC 7; 1d6=4; save versus poison 1d20=16 (Potts saves as a 5th level thief so needs an 11+). |

Sensing the monstrous presence is all too near, [p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] begins to retreat cautiously up the ramp.

Alas! The darkness is suddenly alive and a horrible serpent of the deep surges at him. [p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] boldy tries to fend the monster off, but its scorpion-tail is impossibly nimble in the dark and pierces [p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] through the heart!

"There we are, Lunch," sneers the wicked voice as [p Halfling,leather,sling,open hand,9,4/4]Potts[/p] fades, "That wasn't so bad now..."

| Potts is reduced to 0 hit points and so slain. |

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:00 pm
by waysoftheearth
| Turn 3.15.9

Filbert and Rahaulyr are here; it is a few minutes after Potts' recent visit.

Filbert has a movement rate of 9" and Rahaulyr 12", which is enough for them to reach the bottom of the ramp in a combat turn. |

[p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,7/7]Rahaulyr[/p] and [pp Halfling,leather,shortsword,torch ,9,6/6]Filbert[/pp] descend the ramp cautiously, with all eyes above now following the progress of [pp Halfling,leather,shortsword,torch ,9,6/6]Filbert[/pp]'s torchlight.

They sense the air is growing damp, and and an increasingly bile scent upon the air. After two-score paces they reach the bottom of the ramp; the rough stone levels off, and another voluminous chamber is laid before the stammering torch... it is a diamond shaped space some 80ft square, with a 20ft ceiling. The ground comprises pyramidal dias peaking in the center of the room; supporting broad columns and harbouring deep shadows.

| It's impossible for our PCs to surprise the Wyvern due to their torch light, and following Potts' recent visit. However, there is still a possibility that the PCs will be surprised despite their caution. The referee dices for the monster 1d6=2, so it has not surprised them.

The referee rolled a reaction check when Potts arrived, and found the Wyvern to be in a good humour. That encounter went well for it, so the ref now decides to add 2 to this new reaction check: 2d6=3 @+2 = 5; a negative reaction. Clearly it is not pleased by this further interruption and moves to attack! An uncertain result would have been "wait and see" and a positive result would have been "parley". |

Their eyes catch the glimmer of shiny metal near the peak of the pyramid, but fall immediately upon the foul reptile there--a 20ft winged snake--that ceases picking its teeth with a perilous talon and gives an intolerant snort.

"What? More of you?!" it growls, swiftly spreading its huge wings as its sinuous neck angles toward you.

| The Wyvern is about 40ft away, and elevated some 10ft above you.

What do you want to do in combat turn 3.15.10? |

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:40 pm
by ratikranger
[pc Elven Fighter with Leather and Bow,Level 1]Rahaulyr[/pc] gestures to the right, indicating to Filbert to run right along the diagonal side of the diamond-shaped room (they are a team after all, Filbert should know the signals I hope). He'll fire his bow, run left along the diagonal side of the room as far as he can, and then fire again if he can. If he's aware of the others coming down the ramp after them he'll shout "Wyvern!" as he does so (assuming he knows it's a Wyvern, otherwise he'll probably shout "Dragon!" instead, not knowing any better); if he's not aware of them he'll just be quiet. Can he get a better glimpse of that metal thing?

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:11 pm
by waysoftheearth
| Turn 3.15.10 is a combat turn. Alas, only Rahaulyr and Filbert are here this turn! |

[p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,7/7]Rahaulyr[/p] shouts out a warning "Wyvern!" to those above as our pelt-hunters immediately split; [p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,7/7]Rahaulyr[/p] breaks left and [pp Halfling,leather,shortsword,torch,9,5/5]Filbert[/pp] breaks right as the Wyvern jumps into a low, deadly glide angling toward the Elf!

[p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,7/7]Rahaulyr[/p] fires a deadly volley of arrows with sublime grace as he springs along, puncturing it at least once, while [pp Halfling,leather,shortsword,torch,9,5/5]Filbert[/pp] seizes the opportunity to hurl his dagger but it bounces harmless off the monster's scaly hide.

The Wyvern drops onto the terraced stones with a resounding judder, right before [p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,7/7]Rahaulyr[/p] and cutting off his route. It feints with a frontal attack, but the real danger comes from its serpentine tail which snaps around and spears [p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,3/7]Rahaulyr[/p] from the flank for 4 hit points damage. The beast is mildly surprised that [p Elf,leather,longbow,open hand,12,3/7]Rahaulyr[/p] doesn't immediately succumb to its venom.

| Mechanics

The referee dices to determine who it will go after; 1-3=Rahaulyr, 4-6=Filbert; 1d6=1, so it's Rahaulyr.

The initiative rules suggest that missiles are loosed before closing enemy arrive, and Elves can move and fire a bow without penalty. Thus Rahaulyr's volley will be resolved first:

1d20=17 (+2 40ft range, +1 dexterity) hits AC 4; 1d6=3 for 3 hit points damage.

Now the referee is obliged to determine how many hit points the 7 HD Wyvern has; 7d6=19 so 19 hit points, less 3 leaves it with 16 remaining.

Filbert will throw his dagger from his relatively safe (for now) position:
1d20=2 (+3 halfling adjustment, +1 medium range, -1 dexterity) misses AC 4.

Now the Wyvern lands before Rahaulyr and attempts to spear him with its scorpion tail:
1d20=11 hits AC 7, 1d6=4 for 4 hit points damage.
Rahaulyr has to save versus poison: 1d20=15 (he needs a 12+) is a save. He lives!

Now accepting order for turn 3.15.11... |

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 12:15 am
by sully
[pc Human,M-U]Sullivus[/pc]

The mage will run down the ramp until he can see what they're up against.

Once he spots the beast, he'll pull out an oil flask and attempt to light it and throw.

| edited while crying tears of sadness over not being able to cast Color Spray |

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:25 am
by Idrahil
[pc Halfling,Fighter]Tumbly[/pc] begins a slow, stealthy descent down the ramp. Upon hearing the warning, he draws his dagger preparing to throw it or stab the creature.

OOC If he can see the creature in the darkness he will throw the dagger, if not he runs to stab it.

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:31 am
by waysoftheearth
sully wrote:If he's got a clear line of fire to the beast without hitting a friend, Sullivus will cast Color Spray.
| I recommend a quick re-read of the color spray description; it's an indiscriminate area effect that won't affect superheroic types (anything with 7 or more HD) |

Re: [05] The Underbelly

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:32 am
by waysoftheearth
Idrahil wrote:If he can see the creature in the darkness he will throw the dagger
| Filbert is carrying a torch, so the near side of the chamber is properly illuminated. |