Additional Rulings

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Additional Rulings

I'll post rules clarifications, or anything that's not quite "by the book" here:

Hit Points
Roll three six-sided dice; the most favourable will be your starting hit points.

You will be incapacitated at 0 hit points and slain at -1 or fewer hit points.

You don't have to choose additional languages up front (although you can if you like).
You can select them in game as play goes on. This will help you to choose languages that are "useful" in the setting/game.

Weight of Armor
Armor is excessively heavy by the book.
Plate shall be 40 lb, mail 30 lb, leather 20 lb, shield 10 lb, helmet 5 lb.
Halfling-sized plate shall be 30 lb, mail 23 lb, leather 15 lb.

Clerical use of Missiles
Clerics cannot use slings.
They can throw hammers (see Hammer (thrown) on table 1.18).

Starting Spells
Magic-users will begin with a spell book containing as many spells as the number of languages they know due to intelligence (see Vol I p8). Read Magic will always be present. I will determine which other spells are present randomly. Any duplicates will be granted as spell scrolls.

Clerics will begin with a spell book as per magic-users, but will use their wisdom score -2 to determine the number of spells it contains.

Read Magic
Clerics do not require Read Magic to comprehend their spells. Instead their spells are written in Lawful. Anti-cleric spells are written in Chaotic.

Lawful clerics can read one another's spell books and scrolls.
Magic-users cannot read one another's spell books or scrolls without use of Read Magic.

Read magic will make a particular instance of a spell comprehensible to the caster. That spell can then be used at any time thereafter. Read Magic "unlocks" a spell without causing it to be cast.

Purchasing Scrolls
Both magic-users and clerics can purchase scrolls as part of their starting equipment. 1st level spell scrolls cost 100gp. 2nd level spell scrolls cost 200gp. I will randomly determine which spell is on each scroll.

Casting From Spell Books
Both magic-users and clerics can cast spells from spell books (although magic-users must use Read Magic for spell books other than their own). Reading a spell from a book will take a full (ten minute) exploration turn, and will erase the spell from the book.
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