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How to use Forum-Specific Signatures

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:57 am
by waysoftheearth
It can be a really useful for PBP players (and refs!) to include a PC stat line or other game details in your forum signature.

This works a treat when you're playing in exactly one game, but it isn't quite so neat when you find yourself playing in more then one game. In this case, your signature could end up including details of game A in all your posts in game B, or vis versa, or both!

To work around this, I've added a piece of custom code to this forum that enables members to add forum specific content to their phpBB signature.

So How Does it Work?

To take advantage of this feature you simply need to wrap any forum specific text in your signature within [f] tags, specifying the forum id, like this:
[f=4]This part of my signature will only appear in the forum whose forum id is four[/f]
You may have noticed that every forum on this site has its own forum id. If not, check out the URL of this post in your browser's address bar; you'll see that part of the URL says "f=19". It's saying that this post belongs to the forum whose forum id=19.

Similarly, every PBP game on this site has its own forum with its own forum id number. For example, my Hinterlands PBP is run in forum id number 4, so "f=4" appears in the URL of every in character Hinterlands thread. Mike's Edge of the Western Sea PBP is run in forum id number 17. Makofan's Gorthaur PBP is run in forum id number 32.

To get the id number of any other forum on this site you can simply check up the URL of any post within the forum.

Okay, so back to...

Marking Up Your Signature
  • Untagged text in your signature will continue to appear everywhere you post.
  • Tagged text must be wrapped in a start [f=x] tag and an end [/f] tag.
  • An [f] tag cannot be nested inside another [f] tag.
  • Tagged text will only appear in forums where the forum id matches the value of x in your [f=x] tag.
  • You can include [f] tags for as many different forum ids as your like (including none).
  • You can include as many [f] tags as you like for each forum id.
  • You can include tagged or untagged text in any order.

If I were to include the following text in my phpBB signature:
My ominous message
[f=4]My 1st Hinterlands PC info[/f]
[f=4]My 2nd Hinterlands PC info[/f]
[f=32]My Gorthuar's PC info[/f]
Then my sig would appear like this in the Hinterlands (f=4) forum:
My ominous message
My 1st Hinterlands PC info
My 2nd Hinterlands PC info this in the Gorthuar's (f=32) forum:
My ominous message
My Gorthuar's PC info

...and like this everywhere else across this site:
My ominous message

I have confirmed this feature works in the Firefox, Vivaldi, and Edge browsers on Windows 10, and in the Safari browser on iOS, but other platforms are to be confirmed. If you observe unexpected behaviour please let me know :)


Re: How to use Forum-Specific Signatures

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2022 10:53 pm
by mgtremaine
This feature had been silently broken by a jQuery update in the Forum software... Today we fixed it. So you can board specific signatures again.


Re: How to use Forum-Specific Signatures

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2022 5:22 am
by waysoftheearth
Awesome, thanks Mike.