Alrik Moonswell

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Alrik Moonswell

.~-= Alrik Moonswell =-~.

Race : Man
Alignment : Neutral

Class & Levels : M-U 3
Experience Points : 5,284
XP Bonus : +10%
Hit Dice : 2+2
Hit Points : 11
Armour Class : 9/9 (front/rear)

Saving Throw :
Poison : 12
Wands/Rays : 13
Paralyzation/Petrifaction : 12
Breath : 15
Spells : 15

STR : 08 (open doors 5-6, 75lbs max for 12" move)
INT : 18 (10 languages)
WIS : 10 (--)
DEX : 13 (+1 missile to-hit)
CON : 16 (+1)
CHA : 14 (6 max retainers/+1 loyalty/+0 reaction)

Common, Elven, Goblin, Orcish, Druidic, Ancient Elwhen, Chaosium

Memorized Spells
L1: Sleep, Fog Wall, Alter Self
L2: Web

Illimir's Devastations ~ spellbook:
1st Level: Alter Self, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Light, Hold Portal, Fog Wall, Sleep, Protection from Evil
2nd Level: Protection from Missiles, Levitate, Darkvision
3rd Level: Hold Person, Water Breathing

Evorshin's Tome of Enlightenment (1st and 2nd level mage spells)

Scrolls: Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Protection from Golems

Alrik was raised the third son of Eddric Moonswell in Port Sorby on
Cantril Isle. Eddric was well-respected in the community as a
hard-working fisherman, however, young Alrik had other ideas. He could
always be found watching the people come and go from the docks in the
small port town, intensly curious as to their histories, not afraid to
make himself a nuisance. When he was 10 a traveling mage by the name
of Valtrenus was himself annoyed, yet he saw potential in the boy. He
befriended Alrik's family, and over the next ten years returned often
to check on him and train him in arcane lore and ancient
languages. Eddric was at first resistant, but over time came to hope
for something beyond the boats and ever-present fish smell for his
son. It was on his 21st birthday that Valtrenus gifted Alrik a new
spellbook, a finely carved pipe and a small bag of gold. So with pipe,
gold and spellbook in hand, Alrik set out to find his own way.


Alrik is tall and gaunt, with blue-green eyes and straight blond hair normally bound in a short ponytail.

(Total 50lbs)

Silver dagger
Dagger x 2
Hooded cloak
Leather belt, three small belt pouches [pipe and tobacco, rush tea, tinderbox]
Large sack
Iron Rations, 1 week
Candles, dozen
3 flasks oil

13 sp
0 cp
6x100 gp small gems


Brint of Scorsby Mv: 9 HD 1+1 Hp: 6 Ac: 4 (Mail, Shield, Sword, Crossbow, 20 Bolts, 1 week rations, wineskin, backpack, 6 iron spikes & mallet)
[f=32]Aldbane the Cleric (M 6" AC 2/3 HD 3 hp 13/13) plate+shield+helm, silvered war hammer, sling, staff of healing[/f]

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