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DD Ref Rules V4a Compendium Errata

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:38 pm
by waysoftheearth
In November 2014 the DD Ref Rules Compendium (available on Lulu) was updated to work around some printing issues experienced by Lulu's US print partner. At this time the known V4 errata were integrated into the booklet and the version number was updated to V4a.

This page lists errata discovered since V4a has been available.

These corrections are already applied to the Ref Rules V4b Hypertext edition.

Strength (p8)
Footnote after table 1.2 "Damage adjustment is applicable in hand to hand combat only."
Should be: "Damage adjustment is applicable to fighters in hand to hand combat only."

Mercenaries (p22)
First sentence: "mercenary fighters are another matter."
Should be: "mercenaries are another matter."

Footnote below table 1.19 "Elves and orcs have 1 hit die."
Should be: "Dwarfs, elves, and orcs have 1 hit die."

Table 1.20 Cleric Spells by Spell Level (p26)
The 5th level cleric spell True Seeing is not reversible.

Color Spray (p32)
(affects: special, duration: 2-12 turns, range: 12")
Should be: (affects: 12" arc, duration: 2-12 turns)

Doors (p51)
2nd para, 2nd-3rd line:
Add comma: "Despite the difficulty in opening them, doors will automatically close."

Explanation of Monsters (p89)
Change first line from:
Wherever special attack or damage capabilities are detailed they are applicable to heroic combat only.
Wherever special melee damage is detailed it is applicable to heroic combat only.

Elementals (p97)
1st para, 3rd line; change: "are invulnerable to normal weapons."
to: "are affected by magical weapons only."

2nd para, 3rd line; delete: "toward the caster"

Gargoyles (p98)
Change: "normal weapons do them no harm."
to: "only magical weapons will harm them."