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Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:44 pm
by Merctime
Blackrazor wrote:Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a retro clone of OD&D and a free download from I will have house rules and hacks, but it is D&D rest assured.

Thanks! I'll go have a look. Sounds like it won't be a far stretch.

Blackrazor wrote:Carcosa as a setting can run the gamut from gonzo gamma world on crack to Lovecraft dark horror with lasers, dinosaurs, aliens, mi go, and human sacrifice. I dialed down the Gonzo dial from it's home at 13 to a 7.

I've lately enjoyed this type of thing. It's pretty fun to go in the gonzo direction. Have you read 'The Many Gates of Gann' (I think it's what it's called; Forgot where my copy is), an adventure for AD&D by Guy Fullerton of Chaotic Henchmen productions? Very creative! And definitely gonzo ;)

Also, the work that Jeff Talanian has done on Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerors of Hyperborea is wonderful (I love that game) and can get quite gonzo, with alot of the H.P. Lovecraft and CAS elements you've described also. I've read a bit on the OD&D proboards about Carcosa too, and it's a world that I would be interested in trying out.

Blackrazor wrote:If you do decide to play, I will hold you to the no silly you promised.

Rest assured, gaming brother, I'm just as capable of serious, no-slapstick gaming as any other. Especially considering a grim, dark setting. For example, when I have gamed in the Hyborian Age, as in R.E. Howard and 'Conan', I usually don't do silly. It's just not in theme, and inhibits enjoyment in my opinion. Things need to be as Conan is; Stoic, serious, and no-nonsense. When I do that I just need to discipline myself to not have 'Quest for the Holy Grail' playing in the background as I'm gaming...

Blackrazor wrote:Greenfield is running a Carcosa SotU game over on the OD&D boards and/or go read Mushgnome's, now finshed, Chainmail game there as well in the Carcosa forum.

I'll have a look at them, thank you.

Blackrazor wrote:I can't solve the posting rate issue, it is what it is sadly, but I am up front about it so as to not lure people in with false promises.

I totally understand, bro. Again, I meant no offense with that statement. Like yourself, I wanted to come to the table showing all of my cards here. Thank you for not holding anything back!

Blackrazor wrote:Oh sorry I did not reply to your PM - I am not allowed to as of yet. Have to post more to earn it here.
To answer your question though, no I am not the B/X Blackrazor guy. I do like his stuff. I guess we both share a love for cheesy Stormbringer/Mournblade rip offs :)

Haha, nice... The Elric series was great. That last portion where the blade showed it's true colors tossed me for a loop when I was a kid! For the PM situation, I'm sure if you run a game here that restriction will soon be a thing of the past. Or, if Waysoftheearth isn't against it as kind of 'forum pollution', you might just go to a thread or two and drop in some 'only kinda useful' posts to up your count. Such as my own post here:


Just drop over there and say something like 'oh, sure, I'll take one', etc. Maybe other places here you can make some small chatter to get your post count going. Just a thought!

Blackrazor wrote:You want in, there is a spot at the table. If you don't, I certainly understand. Look forward to your reply.

I think I'll give it a go, if you are ok with my newness in the game itself and PbP games in general. Might be a good change of pace, with the grim no-nonsense mindframe and the very serious nature of most things Cthulloid. One of my PbP's I'm in is 'roleplay heavy', the other being a more 'game on' kind of game in the CSIO; Both being good games.

How are you when it comes to RP? I don't mind heavy roleplay, but I'd have to say that I myself am probably 4/10 in terms of how often I want too. I do like to 'get to the action' as it were, but also don't mind RP. Probably the only reason I'm so high on the scale is because of how generally talkative I am :P But if you're looking for RP in the vein of 'White Wolf' games, I can do so and generally enjoy it. Or, if you're more into the 'Franco the fighting-man moves to the flank of Winthrope to deliver a hail of furious blows against the slithering moss-beast' style of posting, well I love that too. Just curious!

Looking forward to your board being set up. I'll post my intent to join there, too.

EDIT: Hmm. I don't see it available for free at RPG now. I've been thinking of buying it, if Noble Knight Games has a copy available anyhow. I'll go see if they do. Will I be able to 'get by' with say, Delving Deeper for the time being? Or do you know of a different place that has a 'free version' available of the rules? Is this the product I'd need to get? ... GenreID_E_

Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:58 pm
by Blackrazor ... le-playing

Try there for the free PDF. :)

I am glad you are going to give the game and me a try. Thanks.

I hope it will be memorable and fun.

Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 6:20 pm
by Merctime
Thanks! I've got it now. Time to give 'er a look!

Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:54 am
by Blackrazor
Game forum is up and running over at UnseenServant Merctime. :)

Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:59 am
by Merctime
Blackrazor wrote:Game forum is up and running over at UnseenServant Merctime. :)

Oh, oops! I thought it was going to be hosted here! I'll shoot over there tomorrow, BZ... I have an old account there. Got my carcosa book and isle of the unknown, today, too! \o/

Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:12 am
by Blackrazor
Cool. I like Carcosa. I am also a big fan of ASaSoH., which I know you like a lot as well.

Re: Interest in a Carcosa game?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:50 am
by Merctime
Hey BZ, I'm trying to get a password sent to me for my old unseen servant login. It seems it's taking a while... I'll see you over there when I do get it. Sorry for the wait!

I'm kind of embarrassed to go there again. I was going to GM an adventure over there, and never did. Life crept in, and I never even had time to post a 'I'm sorry' thing over there :?

Oh, well... I'll live with it. hehe.