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Ashtad Engel "flaming arrow"

.~-= Ashtad Engel (the flaming arrow) =-~.

Race : Human Maiden
Alignment : Neutral

Class & Levels : Marksman 2
Experience Points : 0
Prime Requisite: 14 (DEX+WIS bonus)
XP Bonus : +5%

Normal/Heroic: Normal

Ashtad was a child of a great huntsman in service to a Lord who estates hail from the eastern-most reaches of (what Men call) Wildwood, which extends into the interior parts of the Kingdom. The Wildwood forest is the home of the wood Elves who were great friends to the huntsman. Alas a goblin raiding party killed the huntsman and his wife and young family and burnt their home to the ground, but luck did befall Ashtad as she was out playing in the woods with her brother and escaped the carnage in hiding. The Elves in respect for their huntsman friend took in Ashtad and her brother as their own. With the guidance of the Elves Ashtad became a good marksman with the long bow as her chosen weapon. Ashtad had a great trick of lighting flaming arrows and sending them through the eyes of goblins, in homage to her dead parents. Ashtad become known as the flaming arrow. She seeks adventure and funds to make a new life and to right the wrongs done to her family...

STR : 10
INT : 12 (langs x4) Illiberal (Common Man), Serayenon (aka Elvish), ...
WIS : 13
DEX : 13 (+1 to hit, missile attacks)
CON : 10
CHA : 11

Armour Class : 4/6 (front/rear)
Hit Dice : 2
Hit Points : 2d6= (to be rolled)
Saving Throws :
Poison: 13
Wands & Rays: 14
Paralysis & Petrification: 13
Breath Weapon: 15

One week of victuals
Water skin

Shield (+2 AC)
Helmet (+1 AC)
Leather armor (AC7)
Longbow (marksman's professional weapon)
Quiver/Arrows x20
Silver Arrow x1
Sack, large
Torches x12
Oil, flask

25 gp
85 sp
0 cp

A grey-green Elvish hooded travelling cloak; the outer surface is made of a thousand fallen leaves, but the inside is fur lined. It is weatherproof and warm and superbly camouflaged.

(max. of 4 retainers)

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