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Josiane the Saint

.~-= Josiane the Guided, the Vagabond Knight =-~.

Biology : Human maiden
Alignment : Lawful

Class & Levels: Cleric 5
Experience Points: 12 618
XP Bonus: +10%
Hit Dice: 3

Hit Points: 6/9

Armour Class: 4/6 (Front/Rear): Ringmail (AC7), Wildwood shield (-2), Wildwood helm (-1)

Saving Throws:

She knows the Illiberal and Empyrean tongues.

A foundling child, abandoned at the Well of Tamarae, a Saint of the Guardian Path, (although some claim she was a Goddess of Healing in her own right in olden times). Found by Sir Jehan the Venturous, Knight of the Guardian Path, who considered her a sign from his God (ignoring the local chatter that "unexpected" babes were often abandoned at the Well "in the protection of the Saint.") He placed her in the care of a convent to be raised as a healer. He was more than a little surprised when some twelve years later the teenage Josiane appeared (having been asked to leave the convent after discomfiting the Mother Superior in a discussion about faith, poverty and why exactly an institution meant to serve the poor tithed them so heavily for their services). She claimed that in a dream "her white lady" had told her to seek him out and serve as his squire. This she did for five years, learning martial skills to complement her healing arts. When Sir Jehan finally fell in battle with a terrible winged serpent, his last wish was that his foster-daughter be admitted to the Order of the Guardian Path. This the Knight Marshal scornfully refused, citing her sex and her (probably) dubious birth. With naught but the meanest of equipment and her adopted father's sword, she was told to take to the road "befitting the vagabond thou art."

Josiane showed no discomfort, seemingly listening to another voice no-one else could hear.

"I came here to be a knight. I leave as a vagabond. So be it; the Vagabond Knight I shall be..."

Josiane, for all her humble appearance, is committed to upholding the ideals of knighthood, doing good deeds and giving succour to those in need. However, she champions the poor in a decidedly un-knightly way and takes no joy in combat, fighting defensively where she can and trying patiently to persuade her opponents to see the error of their ways. (Unless the enemy is clearly of demonic/Undead origin - then she fights to kill and fiercely so). She is also convinced that her actions and fate are being guided and directed by "her white lady" who speaks to her in her dreams. She spends a fair amount of time looking for portends/signs in any given situation, seeking divine guidance, and frequently gives the impression of being only partly aware of events at hand, a part of her in communion with an unseen world of spirits and angels that few are privileged (if you call it that) to share...

STR : 13 (5-6 open doors)
INT : 11 (3 langs)
WIS : 14 (+2 to Prime Req)
DEX : 15 (+1 initiative, +1 missiles)
CON : 09 (60% shock survival)
CHA : 14 (6 retainers, +1 loyalty)

Boon: Josiane's boon is a curious silver coin of an unknown minting. Upon one side is printed a balance scale, upon the other the face of an owl. Sir Jehan, her mentor, occasionally trusted it in making choices, and made weight of its supposed "powers" to her before in untimely demise.
Ring mail. (Light chain).
Elfin Shield.
Elfin Helm.
Sword. (The fair blade of her stepfather, Sir Jehan the Venturous, bequeathed to her on his death).
Holy Symbol. (The Enigma of Thuul, but suspended in a crystal vial of water from the well of St. Tamarae).
Water skin.
Clothing.(Two sets: her old travelling clothes, plus elegant Elvish replacements).
Coin purse.
A garlic bud.
Bunch of wolfsbane.
The Theraic Staff.
The Empyrean Scriptures.
The Seraphic Communion.
(Lost saving Dorgan).
Hoot the owl!! :D



The Empyrean Scriptures contains the following 1st level spells:
(I) Cure Light Wounds
(I) Detect Evil
(I) Detect Magic
(I) Light
(I) Protection from Evil
(I) Purify Food and Drink
(I) The Fiat Libation (aka Command)
(I) The Righteous Evangelist (aka Magic Weapon)

(The Seraphic Communion contains the following 2nd Level spells:
(II) Bless
(II) Continuous Light
(II) Find Traps
(II) Hold Person
(II) Remove Disease
(II) The Succor of Anathema Demurred* (aka Slow Poison)) NOW LOST

I The Fiat Libation: Causes 2-7 Hit Dice of lawful creatures to obey the caster's abrupt (one word) fiat for one turn. Those of neutral alignment are allowed a save, while those of chaotic alignment are allowed a save at +4.

I The Righteous Evangelist: Causes a normal-sized weapon (such as a mace or sword, or quiver of arrows) to be considered "magical" for the purposes of whether certain supernatural creatures can be harmed. The blessing will affect up to one weapon for every two experience levels of the caster and lasts for an hour.

II The Succor of Anathema Demurred: The onset of any one poison is delayed by one full day per level of the caster, up to at most one day for each point of constitution the subject has.