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Armando the Gooch

.~-= Armando (the Gooch) =-~.

Biology : Man
Alignment : Neutral

Class & Levels : Thief 3
Experience Points : 4,464
XP Bonus : nil
Hit Dice : 2D
Hit Points : 7 + ?

Armour Class : 6/7 (front/rear; leather, Dex bonus)
Saving Throw : 14, +2 versus wands/rays

A lesser aristocrat reduced to abject penury through most unwise plots, schemes and debaucheries. Conscripted into military duty as a sapper; miraculously survived failed Siege of Arnsdoch disguised as pony-keep. Settling into an honest career as a petty criminal.

Owing to his background, Armando is literate.

STR : 13 (--)
INT : 12 (--)
WIS : 7 (-1)
DEX : 15 (+1)
CON : 11 (--)
CHA : 9 (--)

Leather armor
A dagger
A silvered dagger
A short sword
A sling

A crowbar
A lantern
A tinderbox
A flask of lantern oil

Rope, hemp, 60ft

Normal clothing
A grey-green Elvish travelling cloak with hood
A decorative brooch
A bedroll
A backpack
An empty sack
A water skin
A week of victuals
A vial of acid.

Some writing implements

From the Burned Out Chapel:
A 12" silver-plated bowl etched with Holy prattle.
An 18" silver-plated, etched candelabra fashioned to resemble the Enigma of Thuul.

An engagement ring that rightfully belonged to Isabella Gertfried, a second cousin of The Earl Gottfried who is supposedly influential in these rural parts. While the keepsake has some value in coin, it also bears the Gertfried family seal, so that Isabella (or whomever else might possess the right) could seal letters a waxed letter with the family insignia...

12 gp
20 sp
25 cp
[f=4]Morin the Fighter/Medium (MV 12", AC 7, HD 2-2, hp 8/8, FC Man+1, N) scimitar+lantern[/f]