Summary of Rulings Thus Far

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Summary of Rulings Thus Far

waysoftheearth wrote:

. 3d6 are rolled seven times for abilities. You can decide which one of the seven rolls is your starting money roll. The other six rolls are your ability scores, in the order they fell (str, int, wis, dex, con, cha).

. Your number of starting spells will be equal to your number of starting languages due to intelligence (for magic-users, or wisdom for clerics).

. You can pick your starting spells from the 1st level spell lists.

. You can purchase 1st level spell scrolls for 25 gp each. This is limited to at most one scroll of each spell, and this price is for PC creation time only.

. Clerics get their starting spell books upon reaching 2nd level.

. 1st level clerics can still buy scrolls with their starting money, and can still cast 1st level spells from scrolls.

. One additional die is rolled in the determination of hit points, with the lowest die discarded.


. Helmets are equivalent to plate armour (AC 3) for the head.

. 3 trained fighters may fight abreast in a 10ft wide passage with spears if they are remaining stationary. If advancing, or fighting with sword, axes, maces and so on, 2 men may fight abreast in a 10ft wide passage.

. Two-handed swords, pole-axes, and similarly large weapons allow only one to fight abreast in a 10ft wide passage.

. Only fighters with spears can attack effectively from the rearward rank.

. Regarding firing into melee: on an odd numbered attack roll a randomly determined target has jumped in the way. The existing attack roll is kept but is used against the new target.

. Oil flasks can be hurled up to 30ft.

Non-Magical Healing

. An hour's rest with refreshment (wine, ale, fresh water) will recover you 1 hit point.

. A full night's rest (at an encampment, for example) will recover 1-6 hit points, plus any constitution adjustment.

. Full overnight bed rest (at an inn, for example) is cause to re-roll all hit points afresh.
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