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Re: The First Adventure

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 1:31 pm
by acodispo
"Well!" says Willie, giving himself time to think.

When he's done that, he goes on: "Maybe we could take just a peak at what's on Level 2. It sounds dangerous. But also exciting.

"What do you all think?"

Re: The First Adventure

PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:16 pm
by ehiker133
Dougal shakes his head.

"It might be a bit of backtracking, but I think we should go back to where we saw that first chasm with the spider goat and continue to explore that area. Maybe we could even finish off that spider goat while we're at it... If that is the sort of thing we're going to see on this level and we're not able to take it on, I feel like we shouldn't move on to an area where things might be more difficult."

I'd rather explore/clear level 1 before we move down. Maybe even try and figure out a way to cross one or both of the chasms and see what is past them? Might be some good treasure that way!

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 1:50 pm
by ehiker133
Dougal leads the rest of the party back to the last secret door they came through, near where they found the spidergoat.

"Be on your toes. Keep an eye out above us..." Dougal scans the ceiling, sword in one hand while the other is holding his lantern as high as he can to shine light on their surroundings.

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 2:14 pm
by acodispo
Willie nods enthusiastically & follows Dougal's lead.
Sorry, I was sure I'd sent a reply to ehiker's last post agreeing with the plan to do deep back-tracking, but perhaps I only dreamed I made that post. :shock:

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 2:57 pm
by mushgnome
Back to the Spidergoat Chasm we go. Update coming soon...

I'm sending out invitations to add a few new players. If there is anyone you would like to nominate, shoot me a PM to discuss...

Re: The First Adventure

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 11:53 pm
by mushgnome
Turns 23-26

It takes our heroes 4 turns (including a rest turn spent in the copper-mine/rubble room) to retrace their steps back to the secret door. Chegs (Str 14) hauls the 50-pound copper nugget and caches it at the secret door for later retrieval.

Turn 27

Our heroes explore the western ledge of the chasm area in the northeast corner of the map. The cavern ceiling rises at least 30' beyond the range of lantern light, and likewise the chasm drops off at least 30' below. Water drips from the ceiling down into the chasm, and based on the distant splashing sounds, it is a loooooooong way down (probably a non-survivable distance) to the water below.

There is evidence that past adventurers have attempted to explore vertically, both up and down. The area is littered with cast-off ropes, spikes, and other climbing gear. Any obvious hand- or foot-holds are powdered white with chalk from previous climbers. A few brave souls have "tagged" hard-to reach surfaces, such as the sheer rock on the opposite side of the chasm. Some of the climbers have left behind sobering messages, like: "Blabbo: Going for it! If not back in 3 days presume dead. I love you."

Turn 28

As our heroes work their way north, they catch whiff of an unpleasant 'burned' odor. At the spot marked with the red X they see a gruesome sight: Sprawled out on the ground are a dozen Hobbet corpses, in varying states of decay. The bodies are badly mauled, and half of them are burned beyond recognition.

Being on their first adventure, and not having lived through wartime, our heroes have never experienced death on this scale. How do each of you react to the gore?


wandering monsters 1d6=4, no encounter

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PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 3:41 pm
by ehiker133
Dougal turns away at the sight of the decaying and scorched bodies with a clenching in the back of his throat. He fights to keep his second breakfast down and, a true hobbet stomach, he prevails. After spitting the bad taste out of his mouth he turns back to the path and says,"Nobody should have to see this, even adventurers. We should clear these bodies... maybe drag them to the chasm?"

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PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 6:38 pm
by acodispo
Willie, who's been proceeding merrily through the dark & damp despite the preceding scary encounters now stops dead in his tracks. His cheerful face falls as he surveys the corpses, and he goes very quiet.

After a bit, he answers Dougal: "Or should we try to bring them back to the surface? These folks have family somewhere up there."

He casts a nervous up to the ceiling, wondering what killed these Hobbets.

Re: The First Adventure

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 9:45 pm
by ehiker133
Dougal shakes his head, "They knew the risks. And maybe they don't have family. Either way, I didn't come down here to haul dead bodies back up! I'm not dragging these bodies back through three secret doors and that tight passage. But I'll drag them to the ravine."
Dougal won't drag them any further than the ravine. And, his profession being what it is, he'll check for coin purses or anything of value on the bodies before he tosses them into the ravine.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 4:23 pm
by mushgnome
Turn 28 continues

Our heroes cautiously approach the site of the massacre.

Nine of the dozen bodies are in very rough shape: Their burns and injuries seem exaggerated and beyond fatal, almost as though their attackers wanted not just to kill them, but to over-kill them. These unfortunates are shaggy and unkempt in appearance and clad only in rags. Their mouths and hands are caked with blood.

The other three bodies are the fresh corpses of well-equipped adventuring hobbets. They look like they put up a good fight, but were bitten and clawed to death, still holding their weapons.

Dougal spies a full coin-purse hanging from the belt of one of the fallen adventurers. As Dougal reaches out his hand, the dead hobbet reanimates and grabs him by the wrist! Dougal kicks the undead creature in the chest and breaks his wrist free of its icy grasp.

Three of the bodies (the fresh adventurer corpses) rise with feral undead energy. They cast aside their weapons and attack tooth and nail!

The encounter takes place at melee range, with both sides acting simultaneously in a free-for-all.

Willie has somehow escaped detection and has the advantage of striking first from the rear.

1d6=1, the party is not surprised.

Initiative is a 2-2 tie; both sides' combat actions will happen simultaneously. Willie gets +1 dexterity bonus and may act first.