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Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 2:31 pm
by mushgnome
Frederick smiles to himself as the new adventuring party comes together. He has witnessed this process many times. He brings the pot to a boil and steams cotton towels in the mushroom broth. There is an earthy aroma that hints at potential medicinal qualities.

"Hot towels for your face and hands. You boys are filthy! Unfortunately none of the inns in town allow Hobbet guests, but you are welcome to sleep on my floor by the fireplace. All I ask is you help me clean up the kitchen, so I can have a night off washing dishes."

Sorry folks for my absence! Things are settling down now. :)

Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:12 pm
by acodispo
"Thank you, Frederick!" says Willie, gladly accepting a towel. "And I'll happily do the dishes tonight!"

He simultaneously tries to roll up his sleeves for dish duty & cleanse his face with the towel.

Once the chores are done, Willie will collapse into an exhausted sleep as soon as possible...
Welcome back! :)

Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:55 pm
by mushgnome
"Here is my favorite dessert pancake, made with an exotic fruit from across the sea called 'ba-na-na.' Goodnight all!" Frederick flips the last stack of pancakes, pours himself a pint of cider, and retires to the back room.

"Oh and for your bird!" he remembers to leave a bowl of sunflower seeds.

Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:57 pm
by mushgnome
December 3

Carc is first to rise as dawn finds our Hobbet Heroes well-rested and healed of all wounds. Willie is disappointed that his missing teeth haven't magically grown back, but where he washed his face with the hot mushroom towel, his gums aren't bleeding and his jaw is no longer throbbing in pain.

Frederick emerges from the store room (where he lays his head at night) and clears his throat. With a clear veteran's voice he takes control of the situation:

Potty, you have a fine nose for quality ingredients, and the best palette of anyone here. Heat up the griddle and cook us some breakfast. The rest of you, follow me.

He leads our heroes to the back room.

Now that you have your own Chapter of Adventure Club, it is time to let you in on some Secrets. Will you Pinky-Swear? Okay, good. Now: Do you see these bins here, labeled flour, salt, sugar, pepper? Open them up, look. It's all honor system, I share this System with you. Throw your copper, silver, gold, gems in there and exchange it to more portable denominations. Like that 50 pound nugget you are carrying. Just drop it in the flour bin and change it to gold pieces. That crazy copper, heh, sometimes I swear it is like the dungeon just poops it out!. We load the farmers' wagons with sacks full of precious metal and transport it out of town with the agricultural products. It trickles back to each Hobbet village, and the blacksmiths forge it into the plates they eat from, the cups they drink from, the tools they use to earn their living. Even a humble goblin-dagger is worth 3gp so scavenge well, young ones! Whoops, listen to me breaking the rules--no spoilers!

As for the question of the pancakes, your running tab... The flapjacks are on the house! Consider this restaurant your Clubhouse, mi casa es su casa. The prices on the board are just for the occasional Human customers who come to try our cuisine. I am a comfortably Retired adventurer and this restaurant is just a side hustle for me. My role in the whole Plan is to keep the Humans stuffed so full of carbs they don't notice all the Hobbet-wagons carrying sacks of precious 'flour' out of town. If the cruel Men of Horpipe find out about the treasure beneath our feet, they will enslave us to mine the narrow tunnels where they are too big to fit. It has happened before and could happen again if we do not follow the Rules.

Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:41 pm
by ehiker133
Dougal smiles as he comes to understand Frederick's schemes. "I'll stand behind anything that will pull one over the big heads!"

"I guess we need to start making sure we keep everything we can carry out, lads."

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:55 pm
by acodispo
Willie keeps grinning at everyone to show off his new mouth appearance, which he considers tough looking.

He is fascinated to hear some details of The Plan.

"This is great! We can Adventure & help folks back home at the same time! I'm eager to get started, but before we do, do you know where we could purchase a Lantern, Frederick? We lost one of ours down below."

He also considers the achievements of the past Adventure, counting up on his fingers:

68 rats, 3 ghouls, and 3 ants slain.
300gp & 1000cp looted.
And one comrade lost.

Has he forgotten anything?

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 12:15 am
by mushgnome
Frederick replies to Willie: "I have lanterns for sale at 10gp if you want one. Actually can you do me a favor, if you're up for it?" He reaches under the counter, pulls out an ordinary-looking egg carton, and carefully sets it down between Willie and himself. Frederick cups a hand to his mouth and whispers (to protect Noh from overhearing 'spoilers') "I just received a shipment of the finest Kingsport holy water, 12 vials valued 24gp each. Do you remember the vending chest, in the puffball chamber? If you can restock the chest with holy water for me, I will give you 2 of the 12 vials as payment. Don't break them; the egg-shaped glass vials are fragile so they will burst on impact!"

Turning his attention to the newcomer Noh and his raven Carc Frederick presents a small glass jar containing a bio-luminescent grub. "I can tell you are a druid, and your animal companion has a lot of untapped potential. A customer bartered this glow-worm in exchange for his pancakes, but I have no use for it. It's yours if you want it. The worm is delicious to birds. Eating it imparts great wisdom, but only for the strong of fortitude. If your raven resists the mild toxin (i.e. save vs. poison at +4), he will learn one trick of your choice, as though a week of training had passed. If his body rejects the worm's wisdom, then your bird will be nauseous and unable to fly for 24 hours. But his life will not be at risk. The choice is yours."

OOC: updated map and XP/tallies coming soon, I promise, maybe this weekend. What share of XP and treasure, if any, should we award to Potty? What type of potion would you suggest he study? (From the 1st level druid spell list here:

Oh, and very important question, which spell has Noh memorized today?

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:07 pm
by rredmond
"I have a lantern and some oil to bring with us. There was no use for it in the woods," Noh adds to the discussion. "How long are the delves usually? Hopefully it isn't "spoilers" but would we be gone for much longer than 24 hours?"

Is there a way to impart to Carc the negative and positive parts to the worm? If not we'll definitely do it, but if so Noh would want to explain, as best as possible, the ramifications :) Looking at spells now.

Re: Prologue: The Road to Hornpipe

PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:44 pm
by acodispo
Willie whispers back to Frederick: "Of course we'll restock the chest! I'll be very careful with these."

He gives Frederick 10gp for the lantern, and takes the carton of vials with great care.

To Noh, putting on his best impression of his Mam at her most stern & authoritative: "No spoilers, Noh! You'll just have to find out how long the delves are yourself."

Then, as he prepares to head into the back room: "Bye Frederick, we'll be back in a few hours!"
We're treating Potty as an NPC now, it seems? Shall we give him a half share of XP & treasure?

And I vote for a Speak With Animals potion.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 4:58 pm
by ehiker133
Dougal replaces the vials of oil he used on their last venture.

Turning to Noh, he says, "If you're new to dungeon delving, first thing I would mention to you is to be sure and pick up several large sacks. We should all have a couple two or three sacks on us for carrying stuff out, if you're serious about carrying stuff out, that is."

Agreed. NPC, so half XP and treasure.

Dougal purchases two vials of oil, forgetting that he picked up three vials from their fallen friend. This brings his total to 9. I'm not opposed to this, as we used oil for more than just lamps and Dougal hates the idea of being stuck in a pitch black cave with no light source.