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Re: Primordial Ooze -- PCs in the Making

Looks good Fatal :)

The flail is an interesting choice; a Man short on coin could well own a handy staff and a dagger instead and have money to spare!

None the less, Morgan shall begin play with 8 hit-points (note that hp are re-rolled prior to each subsequent adventure).

Bear in mind that life can be brutally short in this game, so perhaps hold off on the additional background until Morgan reaches 2nd level (if he does). What you've provided already is ample!

The educational institution you mention must be located in the principal city Maine--approximately a two week trek away the play area. From this, and from his merchant background, we can deduce that Morgan is likely a city lad now "roughing it" in the rural Hinterlands.

His boon shall be a hard wood yo-yo. It's a 3in diam ball on a 15ft cord and weighs a pound. Morgan is modestly skillful in its use owing to the copious time spent practising rather than studying.

You can go ahead and post your Sheet over in the Player Characters area. I will write you into play at the next opportunity...
[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]