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Re: Out Of Character

My first post was on: Thursday, February 10, 2011
ehiker133 wrote:
Desmond calmly reaches inside his shirt and pulls out a small silver tube. Filling his lungs with as much air as possible, he blows a long, continuous stream of air through the tube.

As he blows, he looks at the large creatures to see if it has any effect on them. If it does (and that effect isn't to make them charge him), then he'll continue blowing into his whistle.
... where I saved the party from a bugbear arse-wooping.

That's over 7 years in a game that is, hands down, the best PbP game I've ever been a part of... even if we did leave behind 70% of the treasure.

I'll post some thoughts on the other thread, WOTE, but maybe here is where I would say thank you for all of the time and effort and energy you've put into the Hinterlands over the years. And many thanks to all of the players, as well! Without players, the DM would just be telling a story instead of making one. And I think, collectively, we made one hell of a story.
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Re: Out Of Character

Fun times, Ways! Looks like Armando joined the fray on Nov 21, 2012 (!), and I enjoyed every post. (Well, except when Akbar got turned to stone.) One of my favorite bits was finding the Orb. I still don't know what was going on at the Abbey, but it was a fascinating mystery that kept me eager to check in every day.

So congratulations on an epic run, Ways, and kudos to you for a wonderful and unique setting! Accolades must also be showered upon all the excellent players who brought their characters so colorfully to life!
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