(082) The Darkness Below

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Re: (082) The Darkness Below

Leudigar holds the nearest bell in his hand, muffling it as he squeezes past the statue and under the chain in one deft move. He finds himself standing of a 10ft wide and 40ft broad mezzanine that runs across one end of the dim chamber. It is occupied by a gaggle of a dozen or so statues; all seemingly warriors of various ages with an unlikely variety of arms and poses. They are mostly chained together with the belled chain, making the whole mezzanine something of a miniature labyrinth.

To the left end, there is a ramp running down about 10ft to the mid tier which is about 30ft broad. Directly ahead and across the room the far wall comprises a grand arch, and situated almost directly below it are a few dilapidated walls. These are illuminated by a wide, smoldering brazier standing besides them. Beyond this arch lies another dark space, possibly of larger proportions...
Let's make it interesting, shall we? Let's say there's a 1 in 6 chance that his pack or something catches the chain... 1d6=3, so nope.
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Re: (082) The Darkness Below

Leudigar turns back and gets the attention of the rest of the group and indicates he wants strips of cloth from the dead monks' robes so he can tie off the cowbells as he moves through them. This would also mark the path he is taking for the others to follow...

While others are getting the cloth, he takes a few minutes to study the statues and bells and chains, looking for the best route to the ramp. Not the most direct route, but the route where he has to pass through the fewest number of cowbells.

Once the fabric is returned, his plan will be to fold some of the cloth into a "V" shape, then stick that into the bell, capturing the clapper between the fabric. Then he'll use another strip of cloth, wrapping it around the bottom of the bell and tying it at the top. This should keep the first piece of fabric inside the bell and thus silence the bell.
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Re: (082) The Darkness Below

A good plan!

Manfreid gathers strips of cloth from the dead monks and makes sure the door to the corridor is closed. This might keep anyone wandering the corridor from falling upon us from behind.

"Pass these cloth strips ahead to Leudigar."

Manfreid also checks his pack seeing how his rations are holding up. He eats a bit from his trail rations and takes a sip of water while he is at it, checking how much water he still has in his bag.
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Re: (082) The Darkness Below

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Re: (082) The Darkness Below

flightcommander wrote:

I totally agree!
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