Post Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:25 am

Re: Posting Guidelines

This board supports IC/OC tags that will render your post in two columns; an in character column on the left, and an out of character column on the right.

Unfortunately, these tags are not very clever and only support a basic usage like this:
[IC]this part of my post is IN CHARACTER
this part of my post is OUT OF CHARACTER[/OC]

It's also okay to use either OC or IC without the other one. E.g., you can use the IC tag only like this:
[IC]This is my in character post, without any following OC tag.

In fact, I prefer to keep all in game posts wrapped within in IC tags.

Your post may look confused if you attempt to use the IC/OC tags in the wrong order, more than once each, or nested inside other tags (including quotes), so try to keep it simple.

There is also an OOC tag which you can use inside the IC tags like this:

[ic]This part of my post is IN CHARACTER
[ooc]But this text is out of character.[/ooc]
Now we are back in character...
[f=32]Golgildir the Elf Medium (MV 12", AC 9, HD 1, hp 1/1, AL N) great cloak, lantern; spells: color spray; scrolls: sleep, sleep, charm person
Hirelings: Georges; torch[/f]