[03] The Ziggurat

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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

"Minions of the dreaded Snake Cult!" gasps Vergas. "We have to destroy them in the name of the Lady! I agree with the plan, but Potts should strike from the shadows, I have a feeling he has a knack for it. I will lure them out. You position yourselves out of sight, ready to strike. Are we agreed?"

| Assuming everybody goes along with this, Vergas will wait until his brothers are in position. Then he will quietly say a quick prayer to Vana the Lady of Justice, hoping that no evil will approach from other directions while the ambush is in progress. Finally, once everything is ready, he'll knock his shield and hammer against the stone floor and let out one loud "Ouch!" before crumpling to one knee. Then he'll just wait, holding his ankle but having is hammer on the floor right next to him. He'll be holding his shield in the direction of the wide passage though, just in case they'll bring to bear missile weapons. |
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

| Crap, of course I was assuming that we all move a little closer to the wide passage, I don't want to be 180 feet away from where the ambush will happen. Let's say Vergas will be 60 feet from the wide passage when all this goes down. |

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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

OOC: I like Vargas's plan! If we proceed I'll make my way forward in the shadows and try and flank them!
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

Biratlan gets as close to the ambush site as tactical discretion allows.
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

DuBeers wrote:Biratlan gets as close to the ambush site as tactical discretion allows.

Arcus does likewise.
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

Sullivus will get a flask of oil ready and hide somewhere within throwing distance of the passageway. He will try to light the oil behind the cultists and cut off their avenue of retreat.
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

Urtzil regards the cleric with obvious suspicion - if not distaste - but says nothing. He sniffs at the petrified head of his cat on its bent stick, then shuffles off to hide behind a rock to see how events unfold.
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

| Dungeon exploration turn 3.8 is another dungeon exploration turn. The referee decides it's time to start checking for random encounters: 1d6=6! There's mischief afoot already... |

Hearing Master Potts' report our company take a brief council in which Sullivus proposes a plan to lure the two Snake-Cultists into an ambush. The others quickly agree and creep forward to take up ambush positions with weapons ready.

Potts, Biratlan, Arcus, and Sullivus gather in the darkness to the immediate right (coming out) of the archway--Sullivus within 30ft which is the range of the burning oil bomb he begins to prepare.

Vergas is to play the bait, and positions himself 60ft out from the arch, just out of sight.

The others stage themselves slightly further back and out of sight...

| With this arrangement, Biratlan, Arcus, Pots, and Sullivus will outflank anyone who should come marching out of the passage. Vergas will have the support of Magnus, Tumbly, and Urtzil should he be directly attacked. |
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

Magnus will take position in the rear of the party, since he is not the stealthiest of the group.
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Re: [03] The Ziggurat

OOC As Halfling, should TUmbly take part in the ambush too? We hide pretty well! And sorry for my slow posting. This game moves fast! I will start checking more than once a day.

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