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.~-= Phadian =-~.

Race : Man
Alignment : Lawful

Class & Levels : Cleric 3
Experience Points : 3184
XP Bonus : +10%
Experience Points (w bonus) : 3502+1320=4822
Hit Dice : 2d6+3
Hit Points : (2d6+3) = 12
Armour Class : 5/5 (front/rear)
Saving Throw :
Poison 10
Wands/Rays 11
Paralysis/Petrification 13
Breath 15
Spells 14

Common, Lawful, Draconic, Elven, Halfling, Gnomish

Phadian’s parents, Kelos and Elyssa, were simple farmers who lived on Lower Trinity, between Quayside and the Forest of Ull. Phadian was an inquisitive lad and would often avoid chores by venturing into the forest. Phadian carved a sturdy staff of strong wood, because a staff is useful for all sorts of things. Phadian also built himself a sling, which he would use for various mischief. On one such trip, at the age of 13, he became lost. When he did not return home at nightfall, his Dad entered the forest to search for him. Kelos, feeling his son was near, called out for him. Phadian heard his Dad’s call, then screams, and then silence. Phadian ran to his Dad and found him lying on the ground, a pale bluish white, he was dead.

Although deeply grieved Elyssa was able to move on with her life. Phadian however entered a deep depression that nothing could lift. Elyssa brought her son to the “healers” at Alu of the Downs. Their elder, Landras felt for the boy and took him in as a novice to learn the ways of his faith. He regained his inquisitive nature, but now tempered by life experience and wisdom.

When Phadian reached his 18th birthday his desire to explore and experience the world grew strong. Landras saw that his part in Phadian’s story was coming to an end. Landras provided Phadian with a small purse of coins and bid him well. Phadian gathered his things and set out to discover the next chapter in his story.

STR : 11 (0 dmg adj) (5-6 open doors) (12” 75lb, 9” 100lb, 6” 150lb, 3” 225lb)
INT : 09
WIS : 16 (6 langs) (cleric spells)
DEX : 13 (0 init) (+1 ranged)
CON : 15 (+1 hp/die)
CHA : 15 (6 max retainers) (+1 loyalty) (+1 reaction)

(Total 73 lbs)

Mail Armor
Necklace + Silver Holy Symbol
- Tinder Box
- Waterskin
- Large Sack
- Healer's kit x 2 [40 Uses]
- Spell Book
- Steel Mirror
- Leather Scroll Case

"Mule" the Mule
2d6+1 = 9 hps

- Saddle Bags x2
- Iron Rations x 20 days
- 100 ft rope
- Lantern x 1
- Waterskin x 1
- Small Charcoal Brazier
- Coal
- Ink pot
- Pieces of paper x 2

"Other" the Mule
2d6+1 = 8 hps

- Saddle Bags x2
- Large Sacks x2

"Shoul" Human, Porter
1d6 = 4 hps
Armor Class 6/7 (Front/Rear, wearing helm)
Weapon = Short Sword

Large Sack x 2
6 Flasks Oil
Iron Rations x 20 days

Tall of average build, piercing grey eyes, dark hair.

1x100 gp rubies
20 gp
0 sp
0 cp
(Bank) 1823 gp

Memorised Spells
1x1st: Cure Light Wounds
1x1st: Protection From Evil